Criminal Trial Preparation FAQ Articles

Learn what happens surrounding a criminal trial from start to finish in New Jersey.

Read our criminal trial preparation articles:

What are Police Interrogations and Confessions?

What are Non-Custodial Interrogations?

What does the Right to Remain Silent Mean?

What Happens After The Defendant Asserts His Right To Counsel?

What Does A Waiver Of The Right To Remain Silent Mean?

When Does The Right to Counsel Begin With Custodial Interrogation?

What Are People’s Rights For Searches and Seizures?

When Can A Person Challenge A Search?

How Do Police Get A Search Warrant?

What is a Warrant?

When Can The Police Search Without A Warrant?

Can Abandoned Property Be Searched Without A Warrant?

What Are Administrative Searches?

What Is A Warrantless Search?

What Is The Exception To Warrantless Searches?

What Is The Consent Search Exception?

What is the Exigent Circumstances Exception?

What Is The Overview Of The Grand Jury?

Is A Judge Present At The Grand Jury?

What Is An Arrest?

When Does The Right to Counsel Begin?

What Is Pretrial Intervention?

What Are The Purposes Of PTI?

Why are there Plea Bargains?

What Is Discovery From The Prosecution?

Must The State Provide All Exculpatory Material?

Does The Defendant Have A Right To A Jury Trial?

What Is An Opening Statement?

What Are Defendant’s Trial Rights?

Does The Defendant Have A Right To Testify On His Own Behalf?

Does The Defendant Have The Right NOT To Testify At Trial?

What is a Pre-Sentencing Procedure?

What Are Fines?

What Is Restitution?

What Are Custodial Sentences?

What Are Non-Custodial Sentences?

What Is An Intensive Supervision Program?

What Is The Defendant’s Right To Appeal?

When Does The Defendant Have To Appeal By?

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