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In this day and age, it’s shocking how often employees are mistreated by their employers. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported that it received 99,412 private sector workplace discrimination charges during fiscal year 2012 – this is not including the number of separate lawsuits filed in state courts or the internal acts of discrimination not reported to the EEOC.

Every day, scared workers are too afraid to stand up for their legal right to a fair and equal working environment. The New Jersey employment lawyers of Aiello, Harris, Abate we want to put an end to discrimination in the workplace. Our New Jersey discrimination lawyers are passionate about providing safe workplaces for New Jersey workers.

When To Hire A Discrimination Attorney

You may wonder when it is appropriate to involve a discrimination attorney. If you have a successful lawsuit or charge to the EEOC, you may receive compensation for lost wages, emotional distress, attorneys’ fees, and punitive damages.

You should contact an attorney if:

  • You reported an act of discrimination to Human Resources or your supervisor and the conduct wasn’t corrected
  • You were terminated on the basis of discrimination
  • You were harassed because of your race, religion, sex, or other protected trait
  • You were demoted or received a pay decrease despite your solid work record. You suspect you are being discriminated against.
  • You are in any way being affected by discrimination in the workplace.

You are not allowed to be discriminated against in any aspect of employment, including the hiring and recruitment period, during your time of service to the company, or during your termination.

New Jersey Discrimination Laws

As a resident of New Jersey, you are covered by a few different NJ labor laws designed to protect you against being discriminated against for being a part of a protected class or having a protected trait. Those federal and state laws include:

Your discrimination lawyer may recommend filing a lawsuit in state or federal court, or filing a charge with an EEOC depending on your specific circumstances.

Types of employment discrimination cases we handle

Aiello Harris Abate, Law Group PC is a full-service New Jersey employment law firm. Our seasoned lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in discrimination cases involving:

  • Age Discrimination – occurs when you are treated differently because of your age.
  • Gender Discrimination – includes harassment or discrimination based on being male, female, or transgender.
  • Race Discrimination – includes harassment or discrimination based on race, ethnicity and nation or origin.
  • Disability Discrimination – means your employer refuses to hire you, or provide reasonable accommodations for your disability or illness. It is also illegal to harass a person at work for their disability.
  • Religion and Creed Discrimination – occurs when an employer mistreats you based on your religious beliefs and refuses to allow you the means to practice your religion. This may include not being able to take religious holidays or wearing religious clothing.
  • Military Service Discrimination – means you cannot be fired or harassed for taking protected military leave.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination – happens when you disclose a pregnancy to an employer and they fire you or force you to quit. Your employer might also reduce your pay or
  • Sex Discrimination – includes sexism, harassment, and being treated differently because of your sex.
  • Sexual Harassment – is a form of gender discrimination, although both men and women are protected from sexual harassment. If you are being subjected to unwanted sexual advances or behavior, you may be the victim of sexual harassment.
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination – happens if you are harassed on the job due to your sexual orientation, this is considered discrimination.
  • Perceived Sexual Orientation Discrimination – occurs when an employer or co-worker abuses or treats you differently because they believe you are of a specific sexual orientation – even if you don’t identity with that orientation.
  • LGBT Discrimination – laws protect gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals from discrimination at work.
  • Whistleblower Discrimination – happens when a person who reported illegal or fraudulent behavior within a company, and then faces negative employment actions.
  • Retaliation  – happens when you stand up for your self or others in the workplace and your employer takes negative action against you after you engaged in protected activities.
  • Union Rights Retaliation – happens when unscrupulous business try to squash your union rights, and take revenge when you try to fight back.
  • Labor Laws in The Workplace – Over the years, the state of New Jersey and the federal legislature have enacted a bevy of work-related statutes to cover a variety of illegal behavior. These workplace laws were created to protect the rights of employees to work in an environment where they feel safe.

You don’t deserve to be harassed, abused, fired, or demoted because of you gender, religion, race, disability, creed, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristic. You are a good person and a hard worker. Let our discrimination attorneys tip the scales of justice in your favor.

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