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Whether or not anyone likes to admit it, racism is still alive. This holds true for New Jersey workplaces, where every day people are being denied employment opportunities simply because of their race or color. If you are one of the millions of Americans feeling the adverse effects of workplace race discrimination, you have the law on your side. The law offers protections designed to safeguard diligent and determined workers like you. When racial discrimination has caused you emotional hardships and professional setbacks, you deserve to get justice.

If you have been the subject of discrimination in New Jersey, get a skilled employment lawyer from Aiello Harris Abate, Law Group PC on your side.  Our attorneys treat each client like a member of our family. We do everything in our power to get your justice.

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Under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) and the 1964 Civil Rights Act, a federal law, race discrimination is prohibited in the workplace. You cannot be treated unfavorably at work because of your race, perceived race, skin color, or characteristics associated with race.

Some things you might not know about race discrimination:

  • Under federal law, you cannot be discriminated against for associating with someone of a certain race or for your connection with a race-based organization or group
  • You cannot be discriminated against by someone of the same race or color
  • Color discrimination involves treating someone unfavorably because of their complexion
  • Race discrimination can include mistreating someone because of personal characteristics associated with race, such as hair texture, skin color, or facial features.
  • An employment policy that is neutral in terms but has a negative impact on protected groups may be deemed unlawful

Negative employment actions and treatment based on race discrimination

Race discrimination can affect all aspects of employment for employees and applicants. This includes:

  • Recruitment
  • Hiring
  • Firing
  • Compensation
  • Pay
  • Benefits
  • Promotion or demotion
  • Pay decreases
  • Overall conditions of employment
  • Overall treatment of employees

A specific example of discrimination in the recruitment process is excluding members of a certain race from the interview process, or targeting your application postings towards a specific group of people. Not being hired or being fired because of your race is also illegal.

Most often, employers try to cover their tracks when it comes to discrimination. Rarely do they admit to wrongdoing.

Race discrimination and harassment

Race discrimination does not necessarily have to lead to tangible employment actions – it includes being harassed, tormented and abused on the job due to your race. Harassment is illegal when it leads to a hostile work environment. If you are being intimidated on the job, and it interferes with your work performance, it could constitute a hostile work environment.

Racially-motivated harassment encompasses a wide range of behavior, such as:

  • Being called by racial slurs
  • Being taunted
  • Being sent threatening emails, notes, or emails
  • Being physical assaulted or touched
  • Being the subject of offensive teasing, joking, or comments

Victims of racial discrimination in New Jersey workplaces may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, emotional distress, legal fees, and more. Contact an attorney to find out if you have a case worth pursuing.

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