How Our NJ Labor Law Firm Can Help You

An employment claim can be life altering. When you are discriminated or harassed at your job and you are fired illegally everything changes. Your once good job is gone, There Are no funds coming in to take care of your family, you have stress wondering did you do anything wrong, you have stress trying to find a new job. Your world has been completely turned upside down. If the actions of your employer or supervisors were illegal you have recourse. You contact the law firm of Aiello, Harris, Abate who have been defending employee rights since 1955

  • NELA – We have attorneys who are members of NELA Both nationally and involved at the state level.
  • Experience – We have 250 years of combined experience amongst our attorneys.
  • Certified With NJ Courts – We have certified civil trial attorneys
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers In NJ – We have attorneys that have achieved the designation as top 100 trial lawyers in the state. These attorneys with their vast experience and credentials are ready to fight for you as your legal advocate. If you have been the victim of workplace discrimination contact us immediately. If you hesitate the opportunity to gather evidence may go by, witnesses may change your testimony. We guide you in these areas and create a strategic plan in formulating your employment claim.  So if you’re a victim of age discrimination contact us immediately.
  • ADA – The Americans with disabilities act (ADA) Is a federal law that protects employees with disabilities and perceived disabilities. If you have been a victim of such discrimination contact Aiello, Harris, Abate.
  • Hostile Work Environment – If you have been a victim of hostile work environment Discrimination we can help. No one should have to put up with the abuse of being harassed and mistreated at work or have a reason to be afraid of abuse or assault.
  • Ethnicity discrimination – If you have been mistreated because of your ethnic background or your national origin we can help.
  • Employment Contracts – If you have employment contract that you feel that your contract has been breached contact us we may be able to sue to enforce your rights.
  • Severance package review  If you have received a severance package from your employer that does not mean you need to accept it we may be able to negotiate a much greater severance package for you.
  • Race discrimination – if you have been fired or if there was a pass over on promotion due to your ethnicity the color of your skin contact employment attorneys at an Aiello, Harris, Abate.
  • Retaliation in the workplace –  It is improper for employer to conduct retaliatory conduct against an employee who has Complained of harassment or has “blown the whistle on outrageous activity on illegal activity in the company or has sued the company for discrimination or complained of harassment at the company
  • Gender based discrimination – if you are a victim of unwanted sexual advances in the workplace that is sexual harassment. If you are a victim discrimination based on the Employee’s biological identity that is sex discrimination.

If you are a victim of discrimination based on discrimination against a person’s masculine or feminine characteristics or behavior that is gender discrimination. If either discrimination it’s something that you have experienced you need the employment attorneys at Aiello, Harris, Abate to prosecute your claim and defend your rights.

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