New Jersey Employment Contract Dispute Lawyers

Contracts exist to ensure two or more parties stick to their word. When your employer refuses to honor an employment contract, it threatens your livelihood and your professional development. In the event a partner or shareholder dispute arises, the aftermath can be devastating to your business.

The New Jersey law firm of Aiello Harris Abate, Law Group PC is your top resource for settling employment disputes. We understand your reputation and financial health are on the line, so we work swiftly to effectively resolve conflicts.

Types of contract disputes in NJ

Employment contracts can outline the terms of your employment and the terms of your eventual exit from the company. An agreement can ensure you are paid a fair salary, receive appropriate benefits, and are given fair termination terms. When those terms are not adhered to, it’s time to seek legal recourse from an attorney in New Jersey.

Contract conflicts which may arise often involve:

  • Terms of your employment – including disparities in promised compensation, benefits, vacation time, leave, and more.
  • Non-compete agreements – clauses that prevent you from gaining employment or starting a business in the same field.
  • Non-disclosure agreements – provisions prohibiting you from disclosing propriety information.
  • Severance agreements – contracts that provide for a payout at the end of your employment.

Oral contract and handbook disputes

If you were made promises verbally, but not in writing, this may constitute an oral contract. Additionally, if your company has specific policies in place in an employee handbook and does not honor those policies, which could be grounds for a contract dispute.

New Jersey shareholder and partnership disputes

When you started your business with partners or shareholders, presumably you created contracts to outline the specifics of the new venture. The agreement probably provided the rules of compensation, each partner’s responsibilities, and a clause to exit the agreement. When a dispute arises between partners or shareholders, such an owner breaches their fiduciary duty, our employment law lawyers can settle these conflicts before they destroy your business.

How to resolve contract disputes

The contract dispute lawyers at Aiello, Harris, Abate use creative and cutting-edge dispute resolution methods to get your legal issue resolved quickly. Instead of taking a case directly to court, we try these methods first:

  • Negotiation – working with the other party to come to a settlement.
  • Mediation – using a third party mediator to achieve a favorable outcome.
  • Arbitration – employing an arbitrator to present a case in a courtroom-like setting.
  • Litigation – litigating a dispute is a last resort, but we are not afraid of the courtroom.

Let our lawyers counsel you on the most effective route to take to solve your individual matter.

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