New Jersey Employer Compliance Lawyers

At Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC, our New Jersey employment lawyers use many legal tools to advise and protect the interests of employers in Somerset County and throughout North and Central New Jersey. For small and medium sized businesses, we offer counsel aimed at preventing the emergence of legal problems through: consultation, the establishment of employment policies, the writing of employee manuals, sexual harassment training programs, and review of employment agreements.

When a problem does arise, we frequently use negotiation to resolve the matter. We are licensed mediators and often find that negotiation and mediation processes can solve problems in a cost-effective manner. If these methods of alternative dispute resolution fail however, we are assertive and aggressive litigators and we will use our extensive trial experience and knowledge of the law to defend and protect your interests to the fullest.

New Jersey employer defense and prevention of discrimination and sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment and discrimination claims are on the rise, and the damages flowing from these claims have been unprecedented. Employers have an affirmative obligation to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace and in work-related settings. Once on notice of sexual harassment or discrimination, employers have an obligation to promptly and thoroughly investigate, take remedial action if warranted, protect the alleged victim, and prevent future harassment from occurring. Our employment lawyers offer a full range of services to prevent and resolve matters of sexual harassment discrimination.

Discrimination and sexual harassment legal compliance

There are a myriad of state and federal anti-discrimination laws that employers must comply with, including, among others The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, The New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and more. We ensure your personnel policies adhere to all the employment laws relevant to your business.

Discrimination and sexual harassment defense

Has someone on your staff been accused of discrimination or harassment? Even one false claim of illegal work practices can be a catastrophic effect on your business. We offer diligent representation to employers who have been charged with sexual harassment or discrimination. We seek to resolve these matters efficiently and effectively, to avoid disruptions to your company.

Sexual Harassment, misconduct, and discrimination investigations and training

The firm provides advice and counseling on avoidance of sexual harassment and discrimination claims, including conducting training sessions for employees and managers. In addition, the firm advises employers regarding obligations to investigate claims and will investigate sexual harassment and misconduct claims on behalf of employers.

Employer representation: New Jersey wage and hour laws

In New Jersey, wage and hour laws are complex, ever-changing, and are the new venue for employment litigation. The firm provides guidance regarding these laws and provides representation before the Department of Labor.

We help settle disputes when it comes to:

  • Minimum wage
  • Overtime
  • Exempt employees
  • Non-exempt employees

We help you define independent contractors as such and advise you on how to inform employees and contractors about their labor rights under the law. Taking preventative measures prevents conflicts in the future.

Employment contracts and more

Employee manuals and personnel policies and procedures are essential tools for employers. They must be carefully drafted to comply with state and federal laws and can provide important guidelines to be followed in many employment situations. In particular, provisions for state and federal family and medical leave and pregnancy disability leave and transfer policies must be carefully drafted.

Similarly, employment contracts and independent contractor agreements are necessary to protect both the employer and the employee during and upon the termination of the employment relationship. Contracts can be drafted to protect the employer’s trade secrets and proprietary information in the event of termination.

The firm advises and counsels employers regarding issues of discipline and termination, including obligations when there is a reduction in force. The firm conducts settlement negotiations on behalf of employers and drafts severance and settlement agreements to protect employers from litigation in the event of termination.

We draft, review, and negotiation:

Dispute resolution for employers in New Jersey

Our NJ employment lawyers understand you have a business to protect. As such, you want to resolve conflicts swiftly without damaging your financial health – or reputation. We offer efficient and effective dispute resolution services that provide your business with quick solutions to complicated problems. We value your need for discretion as well.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The firm provides alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation services for the resolution of employment law matters either in litigation or in anticipation of litigation.

Representation in Litigation

The firm represents employers in litigation of employment law claims in state and federal court. Representation includes claims of wrongful termination, violation of public policy, breach of contract, discrimination based on gender, race, disability, national origin, age, sexual orientation, medical/family leave matters, and related discrimination claims, sexual harassment, retaliation, privacy and unfair competition claims, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, defamation, and wage and hour claims.

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