Frequently Asked Questions On Personal Injury

If you’re injured what type of financial recovery are you entitled to?

  • Serious injuries caused by the negligence of others are entitled to full and just compensation for all their losses.
  • Pain and suffering including physical injuries and psychological injuries(Including depression, anxiety disorders and PTSD).
  • Lost wages and future loss of income And loss of future income potential.
  • Future medical and rehabilitation service expenses.
  • Recovery for all medical and health related expenses.
  • Punitive damages when the defendant displays a wanton disregard for the life and health of the victim.

What types of cases does Aiello, Harris, Abate Represent accident victims in?

If I’m injured who pays my medical bills?

In automobile accidents your own insurance company pays the medical bills under personal injury protection. Assuming you elect to have that coverage. In cases of general negligence it’s generally your responsibility to pay for the medical bills or your major medical insurance company.

Who is responsible for my lost wages?

As a general rule, your lost wages are part of your damage claim. It would be included in your settlement or jury verdict. You can also apply for a temporary disability benefits through the state. If your claim involves a car you may also be able to get income continuation benefits through your personal injury protection insurance.

What is your responsibility as the accident victim?

Essentially you have to responsibilities during the pendency of your case. First, to go to the doctors and try to get better. Second, to provide the documents to support your claim.

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