James Lankford Esq.

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Mr. Lankford has a vast amount of litigation experience. He was an Assistant County Prosecutor for over 25 years. Mr. Lankford was responsible in every stage of the criminal justice process: from screening criminal charges; presenting cases to the Grand Jury, Motion Practice; Criminal Trials in both Adult Court and Juvenile Court; Sentencing and Appeals. Mr. Lankford prosecuted over 1,000 criminal cases during his tenure as an Assistant Prosecutor. Mr. Lankford prosecuted cases involving violent crimes, including homicide, robbery, sexual assault and arson, as well as non-violent offenses including drug charges and child pornography. Mr. Lankford has prosecuted every level of crime from first degree charges to disorderly persons offenses as well as motor vehicle charges. Many of his cases have been in the media.

He has significant experience in Juvenile Court, Domestic Violence Court, Firearm Forfeiture Hearings, Municipal Courts, Superior Courts, Appellate Courts and successfully argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court. He taught criminal law and procedure to police cadets at the Somerset County Police Academy, served as Legal Supervisor to the Somerset County Organized Crime and Narcotic Task Force as well as to the Somerset County Arson Task Force.

Mr. Lankford has taken his vast knowledge and experience to now defend individuals charged in the criminal justice system. He takes each and every case very seriously and recognizes what is at stake for each and every client he represents. He is cognizant that his client’s liberty interest are at stake, and are exposed to significant incarceration or probation. He also understands that the outcome can result in a permanent criminal record, which could have a significant adverse effect on their employment in the future. Knowing that these ramifications can cause havoc to all areas of their lives he implores innovative strategies and just old-fashioned hard work in protecting each and every client.

The best way to do that is to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help formulate an aggressive strategy to resolve your case either before charges are filed or if charges are implemented in the Municipal, County Courts of New Jersey and Federal Court. Mr. Lankford brings his significant courtroom experience in the criminal arena to also representing individuals in Personal Injury Litigation and Employment Litigation as well. Whether you are potentially facing arrest, investigation or trial involving United States Attorney’s Office, New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, County Prosecutor’s Office, or matters in Municipal Court, you need to take steps to protect yourself and call the Aiello, Harris, Abate Criminal Defense Team.