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Types Of Non Violent Criminal Fraud

Fraud is characterized by a deception practiced for a unlawful gains. There are several forms of legally recognized fraud in the state of New Jersey, including but not limited to:

Our firm has decades of experience handling cases involving commercial and consumer fraud in the state of New Jersey. Commercial and consumer fraud can result in personal detriment, after false statements of facts are made, with members of a party relying heavily on these false statements, believing them to be true. If you feel you have been involved in fraud, give us a call today and we will decide if there needs to be legal actions taken.

It is very important to contact a New Jersey criminal lawyer, because there are many forms of fraud that can transcend into major theft. Such forms of commercial and consumer fraud include identity theft, credit card theft, CEO embezzlement, investors being defrauded, retirement fund theft and violations of the Consumer Fraud statutes. If you or someone you know thinks they have been a victim of any of these forms of fraud, please call our firm today so we can guide you in taking legal actions. All of our fraud attorneys are experienced and are dedicated to giving their clients the results they look for. They will work day and night, making sure the people committing fraud are held accountable for their actions.

If you are looking for an experienced fraud attorney, we are the firm for you. For over five decades, our firm has represented victims in a wide range of fraud matters including product liability, consumer fraud, insurance coverage, Lemon Law, contract disputes and more. Whether an individual consumer or large business has fell victim to fraud, their cases can often times become complex, with many legal processed involved. It may even discourage people from even thinking about hiring an attorney. But we assure you that we will guide you through every step of the way and won’t stop working until you receive successful results.

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