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Types Of Disorderly person offenses In NJ

The State of New Jersey classifies crimes as indictable, disorderly person’s offences and petty disorderly cases rather than misdemeanors and felonies. However, petty disorderly person’s offences and disorderly persons offences- referred to as DP offences- are considered equivalent of misdemeanors in most states, this is by reason of the miniature nature of the crimes and can have you attract less than year jail sentences.

The tenure ‘crime’ refers to indictable crime while the tenure ‘offences’ refers to disorderly person offences as well as petty disorderly person offences in New Jersey. Their dissimilarity is crucial given that the tenure designates the graveness of a charge- whether at the misdemeanor or felony level.

Petty disorderly person offenses

In New Jersey, a petty disorderly person offence is among the least serious illicit offences in which the culprit can attract a jail term sentence. Additionally, petty disorderly offences comprise such acts as harassments and rowdy conduct. As a culprit, you can attract a sentence of thirty days in jail or be fined a maximum of $ 500.

Disorderly person offenses

Compared to petty disorderly person offenses, disorderly person offenses are even more serious and they include such offenses as shoplifting, arrest resistance, assault and the possession marijuana below 50 grams.  If you are arrested for such offenses, either you attract a penalty of up to six months in jail or be fined a maximum of $ 1, 000.

Criminal statute of Limitation

New Jersey law stipulates that the prosecution of a crime should commence within a specified amount of time after the actual misdemeanor is committed or rather believed to have taken place. The criminal statute of limitations’ purpose is to limit the duration of time the state can await the filing of charges against the culprit. Misdemeanor offenses have a one-year limitation.

The importance of good representation

A conviction of misdemeanor offences in New Jersey can end up as component of your permanent criminal record.  A later conviction of a new and different crime could attract harsher sentences if the court considers your prior conviction. Unfortunately, a minor crime conviction can be a disadvantage and weigh you down when in search for a job, applying for a professional license, or on the verge of renting a house. However, you can evade all these by finding an experienced attorney can aid in determining whether you have any argument for dismissal of the allegations against you, explore your plea options or represent you in a trial court. This calls for an attorney who is familiar with the local court system as well as cases like yours.

Charged With A Crime

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