Interlock Device NJ

The laws of the state of New Jersey allow for courts to order the installation and maintenance of an ignition interlock device (IID) in cases of driving under the influence (DUI). The IID is connected to the ignition system of the vehicle, and serves as a deterrent to further drunk driving charges. Prior to starting the vehicle, the driver is required to blow into the device. If the device detects a breath alcohol content of 0.05 or higher, it will prevent the vehicle from starting. Should the driver pass the IID breath alcohol test and the vehicle is allowed to start, the driver will be alerted by the device to continue to submit random breath samples while the operating the vehicle.

The offender must install IIDs on any and all vehicles that the offender plans to operate, including vehicles that are not owned by the offender. Offenders who operate vehicles without IIDs installed are subject to a one year extension of the IID requirement.

License Restoration

To restore driving privileges after a suspension, the offender must submit the IID service provider’s installation invoice and certification of installation to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

The offender must pay close attention to the rules surrounding the installation and use of the IID. For example, he or she is responsible for any and all costs associated with the ignition interlock device, such as installation, maintenance, leasing and removal. The offender must have the device serviced by the service provider at the frequency specified by the service provider. Failure to comply with the service schedule may result in additional legal sanctions.

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