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Violent crimes are illegal offenses that involve the use of violence in the form of verbal threats, physical force, or bodily attacks. Assault is the criminal act of using violence against another person with the intention of causing physical harm. Assault is categorized as a violent crime. Offenses of this nature may consist of verbal threats or the actual infliction of an injury.

Common Violent Crimes

Violent crimes may or may not involve the use of a weapon. Frequently committed violent crimes are:

The legal penalties for a violent crime conviction will depend upon several factors, such as: the defendant’s prior criminal history, the type of crime committed, the extent of the victim’s injuries, and if a weapon was used during the commission of the crime. If a person is convicted of a violent crime, such as assault, he or she may be subject to jail time, fines, community service, probation, and legal fees.

Violent crimes can also be challenged based on the investigative procedures that the police or law enforcement adopted during their investigation. Some courts frown upon forced confessions or suggestive photo line ups where victims or witnesses are unduly influenced in identifying a person as the perpetrator of an offense. The New Jersey criminal law firm of Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC, has successfully defended numerous clients that have been identified as the result of a faulty line-up.

Possible Punishments for Violent Crimes

The range of punishment varies by the circumstances of the violent crime.

Some of the following punishments might be imposed for violent crimes committed:

  • Death Penalty
  • Incarceration
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Court ordered anger management
  • Community Service
  • Restitution
  • Court ordered counseling

There are also indirect consequences after the state punishment is over. With a violent crime conviction on your record, you might have limited educational and job opportunities. You might be able to get your record sealed or expunged, but that option is not available to everyone.

It is very important to speak with our attorneys as soon as possible after you have been accused of a crime. Our attorneys will assess your case, lay out the possible options, and try to mitigate the consequences of criminal charges for you.

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