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Peter Ndungu

Failure to yield for emergency vehicles and dui

- Peter Ndungu
Marina Oganesova

I had a pleasure of working with Mr. Portanova on a very important case. He saved me and won the case, which was life-changing for my situation. I will 100% recommend this firm and Mr. Portanova as an attorney. He is very through, effective, and successful. In addition, Mr. Portanova is very nice and professional.

- Marina Oganesova
Martin L

What a great attorney Mr. Chris Aiello from Aiello and harris law firm out of Watchung,NJ very pleased with my outcome from 9 points in violations i was pleased to hear all my charges and points were dismissed thank you very much for your help and services Mr Chris Aiello

- Martin L

This firm helped me to reduce my traffic ticket to a non point violation. I highly recommend this firm because not only they will explain your case and give you the best options but they are also available 24/7. If you hire this firm then you will not have to worry about your case because they will keep you updated about your court dates & everything regarding your case.
Thank you James Lankford for handling my case. I also want to thank Christopher G and all the staff.

- Jalloh
Sneha Babu

I am extremely grateful to Chris and his firm for delivering a positive resolution to my situation. I had lost hope that I would attain a positive resolution, and Chris went above and beyond to ensure we would get the outcome I was hoping for. Every time I spoke to Chris, I had confidence renewed just by knowing I had his support. He is extremely knowledgeable, has a wealth of experience, and definitely somebody you would want to represent you. Chris, thanks so much for your role in securing my professional journey!

- Sneha Babu
Eric G

If I could give .more stars, I would most definitely do it This law firm is AMAZING! Chris Aiello is a kind, compassionate individual who took my case immediately and navigated me through the whole process. In addition, being overly anxious about my case, Chris was totally understanding and helped me get through the tough times and helped with my anxious thoughts of the outcome of my case. I would 100% recommend Chris and his team to help in a case. My case went from a criminal charge to a dismissal. Absolutely an amazing team including Genesis and Yanira who kept me updated on the additional legal information. I highly recommend Chris and his group. Thanks again Chris for everything! You are an amazing man and a caring, humbled Individual.

- Eric G
Tawana Morris

James C. Lankford, Esq. helped me out tremendously. Because of him I still have my drivers license with no points. This firm was worth the money!!! Thank you!!!

- Tawana Morris

It was such a great experience as I got the best results. Well recommend it. Number one attorney of the Law firm of Aiello, Harris, Abate.

- James Craig Lankford
Mohammad Bilal atiq

Thank u so much for saving my license. It means a lot. I really appreciate ur help.

- Mohammad Bilal atiq
David Standish

Great lawyer woke up thinking I would have one of the charges stick but walked away with a full dismissal I don’t know how he did it but I’d hire him again and again thank you Anthony Alfano

- David Standish
Lydia Churchill

All of my questions and concerns were answered promptly and courteously from start to finish. Their experience with all aspects of my case left me confident I was in good hands, I highly recommend the Aiello-Harris law firm for any needs regarding motor vehicle incidents and other advice if needed.

- Lydia Churchill
Eric scott

One of the best lawyers you’ll ever work with .
Aiello, Harris, Abate

- Eric scott
S. M.

As someone who was simply petrified & nearly hopeless in what my future might have held, I was not only treated with respect but also comforted in my darkest hours. Not only did I receive the best possible outcome, but even better results than I dared hope for. There is no better option out there! I cannot recommend James Lankford, Esq. highly enough!!! TEN stars out of five !

- S. M.
Benjamin Hatcher

While working with Chris, I got the best possible outcome for my case, all charges dismissed. My experience while working with Chris was very pleasurable and highly professional..

- Benjamin Hatcher

I worked with Aiello, Harris, Abate law firm for dealing with the traffic court. I originally talked to Christopher Harris who was very professional. He handed over the responsibilities to James Lankford. It was very helpful to have the lawyers involved, because we had a big snow storm shutting the state down on the day of my first court date.

Ultimately, Mr. Lankford was able to negotiate a deal in which I did not have to show up for the court, even online, and everything could be resolved remotely. I thank him for being in touch with me throughout via texts and phone calls and guiding me through this process. In addition, their legal assistant Yanira Castaneda and other staff from the office were very friendly and helpful. I recommend this firm strongly!

- NV
Tracey Gee

I recently had the opportunity to utilize their services due to a Handheld Device Violation. This was my first offense and I was very worried about the process and how it would affect my driving record. James Lankford represented me and guided me through the process beautifully putting my worries to rest. I highly recommend Mr. Lankford and this law firm!!

- Tracey Gee
Luis Miguel Reyes


- Luis Miguel Reyes
Edward T Conroy

We worked with Aiello, Harris, Abate, James Lankford specifically, on a difficult drug court case involving a family member facing felony charges last year. James demonstrated thorough knowledge of the process and was an excellent partner throughout the ordeal.

Our family is very grateful to the firm and James. Our family member will be coming up on his first year of sobriety and success in the NJ Drug Court thanks, in large part, to James’ effort, and of course the willingness of our family member to get clean..

Very grateful,

ET Conroy

- Edward T Conroy

I recently was represented by James Lankford. He did a wonderful job in handling my case. Very professional. I would highly recommend him.

- KZ
Luisa Jose

Mr. James Lankford was phenomenal, his 20+ years as a prosecutor allowed him to get me the best deal possible. No points in my license and payed less than $100 for the ticket. He is thorough and does his best for his clients. Thank you again.

- Luisa Jose
Dan P

Chris and his team was excellent. The professionalism that was displayed was refreshing. Most lawyers just want to get the process over with. Chris brought the humanity into the process. Through each step was through in what to expect and what the outcome was look like. He truly was able to put my nerve’s to ease and get the best outcome possible. I HIGHLY recommend Chris and his team. I really want to say thank you.

- Dan P

My experience with this firm was extremely pleasant. The team was highly professional in dealing with my matter. I would recommend this firm as I was impressed in every aspect especially in the way they helped me resolve my legal issues with an elaborate explanation given at every step. James has always promptly responded and followed up things in a timely way. Chris & James are a very good team, highly professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I am so thankful that I hired this firm to represent me in my case. Thank you.

- PN
Frank p

I had called and had consultations with other attorneys before landing on james lankford. I couldn’t be happier that I did.

From day 1 his professionalism, experience, and most importantly his genuine down to earth demeanor had me confident that he was the right attorney to represent me in a situation that nobody wants to be in. And day of sentencing the best possible outcome in my situation was achieved. Probation with no jail time!!
From my family and myself thank you, James lankford and the aeillo and harris firm for giving me the best legal representation I could have asked for.

- Frank p
Valerie Bempong

My family was very pleased with the patience, knowledge, persistence, and experience of lawyers Anthony Alfano and James Lankford. We are very satisfied with the results of the case and are thrilled we chose this firm to handle it. Thank you very very very much.

- Valerie Bempong
John Pineda

Mr, Aiello

Helped me with my case and turned out better than i thought, i highly recommended.
His team are the Best..

- John Pineda
Disha Prabhudesai

I would 100% recommend, because in every aspect of it I was impressed. Chris got to actually know me, and my case very thoroughly and was very knowledgeable and patient. He was very accessible and the professionalism was beyond. He went above and beyond to get me the best possible outcome. He was able to reduce my charges, and then on top of that I got off with a mere fine.

- Disha Prabhudesai
Rhonda Adelson

My son got into trouble with the law in New Jersey. We used Aiello, Harris, Abate two times and were lucky enough to get Jim Lankford assign to his case. Jim was able to explain the legal system to me, the procedures and consequences.
He was available to talk to me over the phone, even after office hours , if we had something important to discuss, or if I was just totally panic stricken.
Jim is proficient, professional, knowledgeable and provided me with the personal attention that I needed.
Jim goes above and beyond what is expected.
If you get into trouble with the law in NJ, do yourself a favor and hire Aiello, Harris, Abate and ask for
Jim Lankford, he will do everything in his power to help you!

- Rhonda Adelson
Candace Caruso

Mr. Lankford and Mr. Aiello were able to get an excellent disposition for my son when he got into some trouble. They were courteous, professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful regarding his issues. They managed to make a great deal for him that will help take him to a better path in life. They are the absolute best and I would recommend them to all!

- Candace Caruso
Nicholas Busch

I got myself into some trouble back in 2018 and thanks to the professionalism and knowledge of Mr. Jim Lankford and Mr. Chris Aiello, I was able to move on in my desired field of work without any issues hanging over my head. I would definitely recommend Aiello, Harris, Abate to anyone who needs a lawyer in New Jersey.

- Nicholas Busch
Joseth torres

I recently got out of zoom court and was given the best deal by the prosecutor due to the best lawyers. Thy were all really great nd big help. Worth every penny. Thank you so much guys

- Joseth torres
Diondra Martin

When I contacted the Aiello, Harris, Abate Law Firm I did so with minimum information on hand. My paper had been misplaced some time ago. However, this did not deter Mr. Lankford. He worked with me every step of the way to resolve my legal matter. He took on homework that would not have been needed had I’d still had all the initial paperwork and he did so without a qualm. Additionally, they are reasonably priced and understand the impact of financial constraints; especially in light of current events. If you are looking for a lawyer for most any matter I highly recommend looking in Aiello, Harris, Abate.

- Diondra Martin
Danielle Murdock

Mr. Aiello was a wonderful advocate for my son as he faced some serious driving charges. The results of our case were better than we could have hoped for. I felt confident that my son was in good hands, and was proven correct. Without the expertise and experience of Mr. Aiello, things may have been much more difficult for us, but the end result was fair and positive. Thank you for your work on our behalf.

- Danielle Murdock
Sebastian FIguero

THESE ARE THE PROFESSIONALS YOU WILL NEED ON YOUR SIDE! I was in an extremely sensitive situation that could have implications to my immigration statues where I was extremely worried and there seem to be no way out, BUT James Lankford crossed all his T doted ALL his i and made all charges drop within the first 3 minutes of my court date. He was amazing, and not just that its the fact that he cared enough to make sure he found all the possible avenues to make sure there was a way out for me. I can’t thank him and his law firm enough CARING. EXPERTS!!!!!

- Sebastian FIguero
Danial Ahmed

I was facing losing my license and possibly jail time. Mr. Chris Aiello got me out of a sticky situation. He was very kind and professional to me. He gave me a sigh of relief. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you so much.

- Danial Ahmed
Raza Ahmed

Mr. Aiello helped me tremendously with my case. Every charge was dismissed with the exception of one. It savede thousands of dollars as well as lengthy driving revocations. I was expecting the worse outcome to be 2 years and it was reduced to 3 months. I would strongly recommend him and his firm if you need any help.

- Raza Ahmed
David palonis

I would like to thank Mr. Aiello for the outstanding help he has given me and helped me throughout the entire process. I would recommend him to anybody searching for an amazing attorney!

- David palonis
Christopher leslie

Chris was without a doubt the most excellent laywer I’ve ever had the pleasure of representing me! I would recommend them to anyone!!

- Christopher leslie

In the last six months, I’ve had to use James Lankford’s legal services on three occasions. I was amazed at his competence, professionalism and personal attention. He went beyond the call of duty to resolve my my legal matters successfully. He was always available and gave me the support and confidence to guide me through this difficult period. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I am so grateful that attorneys like him still practice.

- DC
Alec Sampson

My experience with this firm was extremely pleasurable and highly professional. I am very pleased with the outcome that was achieved through my legal representation. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs any type of legal assistance.

- Alec Sampson

I had ‘bad’ representation in a previous traffic case with some other office and when I got into a car accident I started looking for a new office. I noted the office of Aiello and Harris was highly ranked in a list I bumped on and I thought I ‘d give them a try and I was glad I did. I had James Lankford by my side in the court. James assessed the case, weighted the strategy and delivered the expected..
Thereafter I asked James to represent my son on another case and it was again “smooth sailing’. James takes personal interest in the case as if it was his own family on trial, and brings that human element out in the court processes. We all wish that we don’t have the need of representation but if needed it is good to know that this office is there and ready to help. Thank you James.

- SI

Can’t Say Thank you enough for Jim Lankford and all his assistance getting the case dropped and the best possible outcome for both me and my husband.

- Cheryl
Elvis H

Can not thank this team enough for what they handled for me, especially James Lankford for dismissing 2 life altering charges, being patient with my questions & answering them thoroughly, and keeping me informed about any changes or new information involving my case all while displaying exemplary professionalism.

- Elvis H
Rory Regan

I was represented by Jim Lankford expecting to lose my license. He was incredibly patient with me and was helpful with every question I asked him. After almost a year of delays by the PD and court Mr. Lankford worked with the prosecutor to make sure I kept my license when I was totally beyond hope that was even a possibility. I am beyond happy with the results I got from this firm and the way I was treated and would recommend you guys to anyone!

- Rory Regan
Jason Espinosa

Lawyer Chris did an outstanding job in Woodbridge court today, he managed to get all my charges dropped. Very reliable and professional staff. Highly recommended !

- Jason Espinosa

Aiello is a really good lawyer. He is very respectful person and also a very quick thinker when it comes to tight situations. Definitely recommend him for DUI/DWI tickets.

- Daniel
Baba Sodisetti

Mr.Aiello and Melissa were so cooperative in addressing my case. They make sure you won’t have points to affect your history and insurance.

- Baba Sodisetti
Bilal Muhammad

The Best!!! Christopher Aiello does a great job at putting the clients first ,no matter how big the case !! Very diligent and respectful!! Does whatever he needs to yield the best results for clients also!! I recommend this Law Firm to All!!Simply ?????

- Bilal Muhammad
Cindy Gonzalez

I got an excessive speeding ticket on route 287 24miles over the speed limit to be exact. I was nervous about going to court alone so I called Chris Aiello to the rescue.. He was prompt, professional, explained everything thoroughly, and brought the ticket down to an unsafe driving with non points. I am very pleased with his services and highly recommend his services.

- Cindy Gonzalez
richard c pirrello

Aiello and Harris came recommended to me by a family friend.

I met with Chris Aiello and explained my situation. Chris took the time to listen, He explained the process, what I could expect. As a veteran who with disabilities, Chris understood my stress and assured me that he and the firm would be with me through the complete case.

My experience with this firm is completely positive and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs the best in class legal representation.

- richard c pirrello
Joanne Rodriguez

I have been working with Mr. Aiello for the last 6 months. He was extremely professional and was able to answer any and all questions I had pertaining to my case. My case was dismissed thanks to all his hard work. I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for a good lawyer! Thank you for all your help!

- Joanne Rodriguez
Bryonna Vickers

Just finished up with a case that could have had a huge impact on my future. My lawyer Chris Aiello did an amazing job in defending me. He kept me up to date on any changes made in my case and was very nice. In the end my charges were dismissed thanks to him being on top of everything. I have honestly never met a better lawyer than him. I would suggest using his law firm for your case. Thank you Chris.

- Bryonna Vickers
Joseph Nelson

Great law firm excellent service, I would recommend this Christopher Aiello anyone who’s looking to be represented by a great Atorney.

- Joseph Nelson
Cheryl Piggot

Best team of lawyers around took care of all my legal issues with minimal consequences. Got me out of alot of trouble

- Cheryl Piggot
M Imam

James C Lankford Esq is very proficient professional. He demonstrated highest degree of empathy and made me feel very comfortable when he represented me successfully. If there was more than 5 stars, I would have marked that. Thanks for all your help sir. Hire him and you will be glad you did.

- M Imam
These guys were my saviors

These guys were my saviors. Chris Aiello spent hours in discussing my case to the smallest detail. He introduced me to the attorney assigned to my case, Anthony Alfano. Both were professional, knowledgable and compassionate. I felt secure from day one that I would have a positive outcome. My 3 charges got dismissed 100% after 1 month and only 2 court appearances, which my previous incompetent lawyer was unable to do after 6 months. Thank you to Chris and Anthony, you saved my life, career, and character. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an outstanding criminal attorney.”

- Nancy Shiels
Would highly recommend

Jim Landford referred me to the firm and I had a very professional and pleasant experience dealing with Chris Aiello. Chris answered any questions I had and handled everything. Would highly recommend”

- Jacob D Rotella
Thank you again for your help. JR

I just want to take the time and thank Christopher one more time for the work he did, for taking the time and walking through this rough path with me. It was not easy but his knowledge and professionalism put my doubts to rest. The results were nothing less than expected and I can’t thank you enough for that. Thank you again for your help. JR”

- Jamil rivera
Thanks again guys awesome work

Perfect service Worth every dollar I invested. This firm has saved my life in so many ways. I’m so happy with the time and work this team has put into my case. Honestly this firm is the only firm to work with. Pay the money up front no payment plan. Make sure you email and pick up the phone Be honest and on time. Give all the facts that has to do with your case. Again this is the only firm to work with Thanks again guys awesome work.”

I am very impressed

I am very impressed with, and greatful for the professionalism of James Lankford and Chris A. I felt great support during the process and they helped us obtain the most favorable outcome possible in our case

- GP
That was better than I could have imagined

Christopher Aiello handled my case perfectly. He communicated with me from the time we hired the firm through every step of the process. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and explained all aspects of my case, the charges against me, and our legal options. He was able to postpone the court date multiple times so it would not interfere with my seasonal work. He was able to get a plea deal for a seldom used lesser charge by recognizing the specific details of my case that applied to that charge. In summary, Christopher Aiello was there to represent me for a potentially serious charge and produced an outcome that was better than I could have imagined.”

- Chris Busch
Thank you Christopher for your counsel!

Mr. Aiello handled a motor vehicle case for my son. On our first call with him he understood the situation and provided analysis, options and immediate advice on how to proceed. He supported us with information during the period leading to the trial date and he prepared us for what would happen in court. His experience in such cases allowed him to negotiate a lessor charge and prevent revocation of license. I found the firm on the web – – next time I need an attorney I won’t need to look any further. Thank you Christopher for your counsel!”

- Craig Busch
I felt very comfortable with the professionalism of the whole process

I worked with James Lankford for a traffic court situation. At the time I had a lot of things going on personally and put my trust in his guidance. Not only did he accomplish exactly what we discussed but I felt very comfortable with the professionalism of the whole process. I will be going back to this law firm for other matters in the future.”

- Donna Ramos
I would highly recommend him

James Lankford has provided excellent service. I would highly recommend him”

- William Bentham
Fantastic Firm and absolute pleasure to work with

Fantastic Firm and absolute pleasure to work with! Chris has worked with me several times and in his place today, sent Jim Lankford. Jim was awesome and he worked so hard along with the firm to fight for what was important to me. I would always come to this firm for any of my needs and will recommend to family and friends alike. Great people great firm that get results. Very important to get a well respected and trusted firm such as this. Thank you so very much.”

- Vince Contardo
Chris was fantastic

Chris was fantastic! Easy to work with and great results!”

- Danny Griffin
Very helpful, friendly, and professional

Very helpful, friendly, and professional.”

- Jose
Excellent! Lawyer.

Excellent! Lawyer. Couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. It was an absolute pleasure working with James. James represented me at my court hearing today. He got the case against me dismissed. He deserves my highest commendation. Can’t thank him enough.

- Robert Sachar

Christopher Aiello was very professional , polite , on time ,explained everything clearly . Would recommend him to others .”

- Allieyah