New Jersey Manslaughter Lawyers

If you have been arrested for manslaughter, Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC can provide the defense you need.  Manslaughter is committed when a person recklessly causes the death of another individual, or kills a person while they are under extreme emotional or mental disturbance caused through provocation.  Attorneys Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC will visit you in jail, will fight for reasonable bail. Our office has the resources to thoroughly review evidence in your case, conduct an independent investigation, talk to witnesses, challenge evidence, seek a reduction or dismissal of the charges and determinedly build your case for trial. If you or a loved one is facing manslaughter charges, you or  a loved one stands accused of the most serious crime known to mankind and the most serious crime under the law, except treason.

Types Of Manslaughter

There are two types of manslaughter:

  • Voluntary
  • Involuntary

Voluntary manslaughter is a death caused in a sudden quarrel or in the heat of passion. Involuntary manslaughter is negligently the causing death of another human being.

Penalties for Manslaughter

New Jersey manslaughter penalties include jail time, probation, parole, loss of the right to be bonded, restitution, counseling and significant fines. This is the fight for your life. Even if you don’t face death row, a conviction for manslaughter can take away your freedom and forever change your life, Contact the New Jersey criminal defense attorneys of Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC

In a manslaughter case, the prosecution must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you or your loved one committed murder. Our attorneys’ task is to put that doubt in a judge or jury’s mind by thoroughly investigating your case and developing evidence that supports your innocence.

Manslaughter Charges Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

Do not talk to anyone about your case. Talk to  Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC’s attorneys. Conversations with anyone else are not confidential and are subject to law enforcement eavesdropping.  Too often, law enforcement will prematurely make an arrest in an effort to get a defendant to confess. Do not enter into any deals with detectives.

The lawyers atAiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC know that different cases require different experts. Our defense attorneys engage effective experts on these cases. One case may require a ballistics expert, another a blood spatter expert, another a DNA expert, perhaps a fingerprint expert, or a video or voice enhancement expert, or a mental health expert, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist, or an eye witness identification expert, or a false confession expert, the possibilities are virtually endless. At least a majority of murder cases require the hiring of a pathologist, who is an expert in analyzing the cause of death

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Manslaughter charges can be difficult to defend in a court of law but not impossible, and therefore it is important to have experienced and savvy legal representation that can help you gather and sort through the evidence of your case.  If you have been accused of manslaughter charges in New Jersey, contact Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC today and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Our manslaughter defense attorneys keep flexible office hours, with weekend appointments available, and we will visit you in jail. We offer flexible scheduling and payment options. For a free initial consultation, call us today at (908) 561-5577 or contact us online.  Your initial consultation is free.