New Jersey Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Spinal cord injuries are very serious, life-altering injuries that can devastate a victim and his/her loved ones.  Accidents happen every day.  Although some accidents are very minor, many that occur on a daily basis are life threatening and the injuries that result can dramatically alter a person’s life forever.

Common Causes Of Spinal Injury

Spinal cord injuries can result from a variety of accidents including:

  • Construction accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Basic slip and fall accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents

Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC, has successfully handled spinal injury cases for nearly 60 years. When dealing with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and insurance companies, our spinal injury attorneys are thorough, aggressive advocates who fight to achieve results for their clients who suffered a spinal cord injury.

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Spinal cord injury lawyers who specialize in you

A competent spine injury attorney must possess a depth of understanding about back injuries. Your spinal cord injury law firm must fully comprehend the extent of your injuries. More than just a claim for medical bills, the damage caused by spinal injury is pervasive, affecting physical and emotional health, earning potential, quality of life, and the quality of life of loved ones.

Your spinal injury attorneys at Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC, are highly skilled in spinal cord injury cases and will fight for you to receive fair compensation for your injuries.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

  • A complete spinal cord injury – means there is no functioning below the level of injury nor any sensation or voluntary movement. Both sides of the body are equally affected.
  • An incomplete spinal cord injury – means there is some functioning below the level of injury. A person with this type of injury may be able to move one limb more than another, may have one side to the body functioning more than the other, and may be able to feel parts of the body that cannot be moved. Generally speaking the higher in the spinal column the injury occurs, the worse the outcome of the injury.

Your Legal Rights, Your Financial Future

If you are eligible to file a spinal cord injury lawsuit, you should know that you and your loved ones may be entitled to considerable financial awards for injuries suffered, medical bills, lost wages, property damage, future lost wages, travel expenses for care, non-covered health insurance expenses, life-long medical care, support services for family, psychiatric care, funeral expenses, lost wages, caregivers and even psychological or emotional awards. This will all be clearer and more detailed after you speak to a personal injury lawyer about the specifics of your injury and your potential case.

Warning – Filing Timeline

If you or a loved one has been injured and it is someone else’s fault, do not sign anything from an insurance company or an attorney that does not represent you. Get an attorney on your side to fight for your rights. By signing anything you don’t understand 100% you risk reducing the amount of financial justice you and your family may be legally entitled to.

There is a certain timeline to file a spinal injury lawsuit. Missing the timeline makes you ineligible to file the lawsuit, even if you are the victim. However, if you have a spinal injury attorney, then he can advise you on the right time to file your lawsuit.

All spinal cord injuries cases are serious and are difficult to prove in a court of law and therefore it is important to have experienced and savvy legal representation that can help you gather and sort through the evidence of your case.

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