How Our Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help You

  • Medical Treatment – We are sympathetic to the physical and mental struggles you are encountering after your accident. We want to make certain that you receive the best medical treatment helping you heal physically and emotionally and get you the just compensation you deserve
  • Complex Litigation – Personal injury cases are complex so you need the help of an experienced firm like Aiello Harris Abate to help you Prepare the case properly so you could recover the highest award possible for your pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.
  • Combat Insurance Tactics – The insurance companies are starting to work against you right from the beginning of your accident so do not sit back and not hire a firm like ours that can help you combat their tactics.
  • Time Limits – There are time limits to Follow In personal-injury cases even the brightest people do not know what they are getting an Experienced firm such as ours Will help you meet all critical dates.
  • Liability And Damages – There are two main parts to a personal injury case liability and damages. If you cannot establish liability then you can’t get compensated for your damages. Therefore retaining our attorneys to investigate the accident is critical.
  • Expert Witnesses – Many times it’s necessary right at the beginning to hire expert witnesses to establish liability. At Aiello Harris Abate We have the resources to hire such experts to win your case.
  • Protecting Accident Victims – If you don’t hire our firm right away sometimes accident victims give statements to the opposing insurance companies which will come back to haunt them. We immediately protect the accident victims from the insurance companies and will not allow them to speak to our clients unless we are present.
  • Flexible Visits From Our Lawyers – you cannot make it to one of our offices conveniently located throughout the state we have home and hospital visits available.
  • Clear Advice – Many times accident victims are out of work and there’s time frames to file for state disability or personal injury protection. We explain the law to the victim and help them protect their rights
  • Over $250 Million In Recovery – Over the years our attorneys have secured over $250 million in recoveries for victims. Since there are no fees to the firm unless there’s a recovery the smartest thing an accident victim can do is to contact the personal injury attorneys in NJ of Aiello Harris Abate Immediately so the case can be prosecuted properly and the victim receive the highest possible compensation

How can we help you in motor vehicle accident cases?

Having a significant motor vehicle accident is like living a nightmare. Everything comes at you at once. There’s the physical pain, loss of your vehicle, many times loss of income, Not knowing what your rights are all plays havoc in the victims world. At Aiello Harris Abate Our job is to make that nightmare go away. We help you get your temporary disability benefits, or income continuation benefits Whichever you’re eligible for. So when you have serious motor vehicle accident contact a serious personal injury law firm Aiello Harris Abate . Make The nightmare go away!

We make sure that everything that can legally be done is done in order to maximize the results for a clients.

How can we help you when you have a significant injury from a car accident?

Even though this is negligence law and the person that injured you did not do it on purpose they still must be responsible for their carelessness for being distracted, drunk or simply being a irresponsible driver. Our NJ car accident lawyers make sure and help you make that goal a reality.

How can we help you when you’re injured on a premises of a negligent owner of property?

Slip and fall, construction, swimming pool and trampoline park accidents cases are very time-sensitive, photographs must be obtained immediately of what caused the fall. In addition, sometimes it’s necessary for safety engineers to examine the premises. This is our job and in premises liability cases we have obtained settlements in excess of $1 million for seriously injured people.

If a fall has occurred due to the negligence of a municipality, county or the state the time frames for giving notice of the claim are much shorter. Getting Aiello Harris Abate involved Immediately is imperative for you to preserve your rights.

We can help you in a defective products case?

Manufacturers’ duty is to design and manufacture products Reasonably safe and to warn consumers of any risk they may incur when using their product. Unfortunately, Many times this does not occur resulting in defective medical devices, construction equipment, children’s products, and automobiles. These cases are complex and we can help you navigate these treacherous waters And get you the results you deserve.

We can help you if you’re injured at work?

Most people know but they’re entitled to medical treatment when The worker is injured at work. But they do not always know that if they do not file a claim petition in the courts they will not receive any Permanent disability award. They think the temporary disability monies they receive when you’re out of work initially is all they get unfortunately they’re wrong And they cheat themselves of thousands of dollars by not filing a claim. The only winner there is the insurance company not the victim. We help and guide you so you will not be a victim twice.

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