New Jersey Severance Package Lawyers

With companies downsizing at a rapid rate in New Jersey, layoffs are becoming more and more common. Many employees and executives are offered severance packages at the time of a layoff, but at what cost? Some agreements come with hidden provisions that may hinder your ability to obtain gainful employment at another company. Other packages might try to stiff you out of compensation you deserve.

Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC is a full-service New Jersey law firm dedicated to protecting employee rights. Our attorneys review and negotiate clients’ severance packages to ensure they get the fairest result possible.

What is a severance package in New Jersey?

When you leave a company, generally through no fault of yours, you may be offered a severance package. This might include various benefits, such as payment of your regular salary after your employment ends. The agreement may also provide a payout for unused vacation and sick days, cashed in stock options, and additional compensation depending on your time of service at the company.

Severance packages are commonly offered when an employee is laid off, but might also be offered if the worker is fired or resigns.

Does my company have to offer me a severance package?

No, your employer is not required to give you severance payments. New Jersey is at “at-will” employment state, meaning you can be terminated at any time without reason or notice.

Reasons to hire an NJ attorney to review your severance agreement

A big mistake many people make is blindly accepting the terms of your severance package without attorney review. A small investment in a lawyer’s guidance can have a profound effect.

At Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC, we can help you negotiate certain provisions of your severance package, such as:

  • Non-compete – Your employer may require you to sign a non-compete clause, which could limit your future employment opportunities. We may be able to negotiate the terms of a non-compete to broaden your chances of finding new employment.
  • An employment lawyer may be able to help you get a larger payout or payout for unused vacation or sick days.
  • Terms of your payout – Hiring an attorney might also allow you to alter the way you receive your severance pay, for example receiving a lump sum as opposed to multiple payments over time.
  • Job reference – Our legal team can try to persuade your employer to give you a positive or neutral job reference or letter of recommendation.
  • Right to sue – Your company may have limited your right to bring forth a lawsuit, which can impact your legal rights. We can make certain your rights remain intact.

Each severance package is different, so our attorneys take an individual approach to each situation we encounter.

Severance and initial employment contracts

In some instances, you may have signed an employment contract when you started your job which stipulated certain conditions. One of those terms may be that you are required to be given a severance package if terminated. Again, before you sign an initial employment contract, be certain to have an attorney review its conditions. If you signed a contract at the beginning of your employment which stipulates you are to receive severance at end of your tenure with the company and your company refuses to honor that agreement, you may have grounds for legal action.

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