What are Police Interrogations and Confessions?

An individual is most vulnerable upon being confronted by police interrogation. Some clients believe that they can talk their way out of potential criminal troubles by providing information to the police. Others are so susceptible to questioning by authorities that they feel compelled to give the police a full accounting. In almost every circumstance, it is a bad idea for an individual to respond to police interrogation without having a criminal defense lawyer present. Therefore, it is good advice to recommend very strongly to a client that he or she not talk to the police or other investigation authorities, to the extent that you can prevent your client from doing so.

Often, however counsel finds out about a client’s confession or response to police interrogation after the fact. Therefore, as a defense counsel attacking such a confession or as a prosecutor giving guidance to police or detectives working to prepare the case, it is important to know the operative rules governing confessions and incriminating statements.

If the police have requested to speak with you in regards to any criminal matter, you should not speak to the police until you have spoken to a qualified criminal defense attorney who is experienced in handling criminal matters. The attorneys at Aiello, Harris, Abate have the experience and knowledge to protect your rights and defend you against criminal charges.

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