When Does The Defendant Have The Right To Appeal

Appeals From Final Judgements

Appeals from final judgments must be taken within 45 days of entry of the judgment. R. 2:4-1. Appeals from final judgments in criminal cases are taken by serving a copy of the notice of appeal and request for transcript on all other parties who appeared in the action on the Appellate Section of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, and by filing the original with the appellate court and a copy of the notice of appeal and the transcript request with the court from which the appeal is taken. R. 2:5-1(a). Appeals to the Appellate Division must also be accompanied by a Case Information Statement. Id. A copy of the notice of appeal and Case Information Statement is also to be mailed by ordinary mail, to the trial judge. R. 2:5-1(b). Appendix IV to the Court Rules contains the requisite information which should be set forth in the notice of appeal. R. 2-51(f)(1). Appendix VIII to the Court Rules contains the information required to be set forth in a Case Information Statement in a criminal case. R. 2-51(f)(2). See Form 25 (Notice of Appeal), Form 26 (Appellate Division Criminal Case Information Statement), and Form 27

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