What Is An Intensive Supervision Program?

New Jersey Intensive Supervision Program

The New Jersey intensive supervision program (“ISP”) is “a sentencing alternative that removes carefully selected defendants from prison and releases them into the community under standards of supervision so strict as to substantially eliminate any risk to public safety. The goals are reduction in prison overcrowding, appropriate punishment of the offender and rehabilitation.” State v. Cannon, 128 N.J. 546, 549 (1992). See also State v. Haliski, 140 N.J. 1, 19-20 (1995); State v. Clay, 230 N.J. Super. 509, 512-517 (App. Div. 1989), aff’d o.b., 118 N.J. 251 (1990). ISP is available to any defendant, except those: (1) convicted of a first degree crime; (2) convicted of a crime involving organized criminal activity; (3) serving a statutorily mandated or court imposed parole ineligibility; (4) who previously completed an intensive supervision program; or (5) previously convicted of a first degree crime and released from incarceration for that crime within five years of the commission of the offense for which application is now being made. N.J.S.A. 2C:43-11a(1)-(5). See Form 29, sample Application for Admission into Intensive Supervision Program. Motions for entry into ISP are heard by a three judge panel, and the rules prohibit further appellate review of the panel’s substantive decision. R. 3:21-10(e).

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