What Is A Warrantless Search?

Even in a pervasively regulated industry, a warrantless inspection will be deemed reasonable only if three criteria are satisfied. First, there must be a substantial government interest in the regulatory scheme under which the inspections are conducted. New York  v. Burger, 482 U.S. at 713; State v. Turcotte, 239 N.J. Super. at 292. Second, the warrantless inspection must be necessary to further the regulatory scheme. Burger, 482 U.S. at 702; Turcotte, 239 N.J. Super. at 292. Finally, the regulatory inspection “in terms of the certainty and regularity of its application, must provide a constitutionally adequate substitute for a warrant.” Burger, 482 U.S. at 703; Turcotte, 239 N.J. Super. at 293. Analogizing participation in school sports to participation in closely regulated industries, the United States Supreme Court upheld random urinalysis drug testing of school athletes without showing of individual suspicion. Vernonia School Dist. 47.1 v. Acton, 515 U.S. 646, 115 S.Ct. 2386, 132 L.Ed.2d 564, 577(1995).

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