New Jersey Employment Immigration Lawyers

Whether you are an individual seeking employment in the United States or an employer seeking to obtain immigration assistance for employees, our team of lawyers at Aiello, Harris, Abate offer effective legal guidance to clients throughout New Jersey. Our New Jersey employment immigration attorneys will utilize our cutting-edge technology and extensive experience to help you achieve your specific goals.

If you want real legal help from a law firm that understands how important your employment immigration issues are, contact Aiello, Harris, Abate today.

Types Of Visas

We are familiar with all types of temporary employment visas and know how to help you with issues that can arise with:

  • H-1B visas
  • H-2B visas
  • O-1 visas
  • P-1A and B visas
  • H-2A visas
  • R-1 visas

No matter what visa or immigration issues that you need guidance with, our employment immigration attorneys will be by your side, ready to answer all the questions you may have.

Guidance for Permanent Employment and Students

We understand how important it can be to obtain permanent employment in the United States. We also know how important it is for employers to have permanent workers. Our New Jersey immigration lawyers know all of the education levels needed and skills required to obtain a permanent employment status. We will guide you through the entire employment immigration process.

Our law firm also assists students who are coming to the United States to study or obtain vocational training for a specific job. We can also assist you if you are already in the country and have encountered roadblocks with your immigration status.

Contact our New Jersey employment immigration lawyers

Most of the employment laws are under a time limitation so you must act immediately as soon as you feel you have experienced any injustice. Not filing a complaint in time can bar you from seeking remedy.  So don’t wait – call Aiello, Harris, Abate today at (908) 561-5577 or fill out our contact form. Our team of dedicated attorneys will guide you through the complete legal process, explain you the available legal options and help you get justice.