What Do Social Security Disability Benefits Cover?

You can’t work. Your disability is preventing you from providing for your family, and performing the tasks you once loved. When you can no longer hold a job due to a physical or mental illness, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. A SSD lawyer in NJ can evaluate your situation and see if you should pursue a Social Security claim. If you require SSD, you have two options depending upon your circumstances.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) might be appropriate for you if:

• You are “disabled,” meaning you cannot work as you did before; you cannot perform another job due to your medical condition; and your disability has lasted more than a year, or is expected to last more than a year or result in death; AND
• You meet the required number of “work credits,” meaning you have worked long enough and recently enough to qualify for benefits.
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) might be appropriate for you if:
• If you are blind, aged, or disabled under the SSA’s definition of disabled; AND
• You do not meet the required number of “work credits”

Differences Between SSDI And SSI

One of the main differences between SSDI and SSI is SSDI is funded by you paying in the Social Security system throughout your career, and SSI is funded by general tax revenues. The amount of funds you receive from either program depends on your unique circumstances, such as your living situation. Under some circumstances, your spouse may be entitled to Social Security benefits as well.

SSD benefits are only available to those with a permanent disability. If you are currently working, you might be precluded from receiving benefits. Your disability must be covered under the SSA’s List of Impairments.
The sad truth is most SSDI and SSI claims are denied the first time around, even to the most worthy people. Do not fret. Our NJ personal injury lawyers keep flexible office hours, with weekend appointments available, and we can meet you in your home or hospital room if you cannot travel to our office. Call us today, or contact us online, we’re standing by to assist you at (908) 561-5577.