Watchung Slip and Fall Lawyers

Are you suffering from an injury sustained after tripping or falling?

Property owners and proprietors in New Jersey have a legal obligation to ensure their property is safe from hazards that could cause personal injuries, such as slip and fall injuries in Somerset County. This is the least you expect when you give your patronage to businesses inside your Watchung community.

However, despite this legal obligation, injuries do occur and property owners may be liable for the injuries someone suffers on their property in Watchung, NJ. If you are injured in a slip and fall incident on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to a monetary settlement.

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Common causes of slip and fall accidents in Watchung

Wet floors in a grocery store, retail store, or restaurant

You may wonder, can a person recover damages from a store because of injuries sustained due to a spilled liquid? It depends on the situation. If there was a “Caution – Wet Floor” sign, this may preclude you from receiving any money since the store warned you of a hazard. However, if the spill was not attended to and there was no warning, you may be able to sue the store or property owner/manager

Icy sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots

Property owners must take reasonable care to ensure that all of their property remains free of harm, including the outside. In some cases, the owner is not responsible for an injury sustained by icy or snowy conditions that occurred due to natural weather causes. However, if a defect on the property causes an unnatural accumulation of hazardous conditions, you might have a case. Examples include a sloping roof or clogged gutters that causes water to drip down, which then refreeze and create icy puddles.

Poor outdoor lighting

If a broken lamp or burned out bulb leads to poor lighting, and you fell, you may have a claim for a premises liability case. Maintaining hazard-free property means ensuring there is adequate lighting so guests and customers can safely move around the premises.

Loose or missing handrails

Falling down stairs, either indoors or outdoors, might cause terrifying injuries. From bruising to broken bones to a traumatic brain injury, you never know what the long-term health consequences of a fall are going to be. When that fall happened because an owner failed to fix a faulty railing or never put a safety handrail in place, you may be able to collect compensation.

Obstructions causing trip and fall accidents

Did fallen supplies or products get in your way, causing you to fall over? Did a fallen tree branch or misplaced log lead you to trip on someone’s property? Trips and falls can be just as serious as slip and falls – you have the right to pursue legal remedies with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Somerset County New Jersey.

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