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Suffering a personal injury results in a great deal of both physical and emotional pain. If someone else’s negligence caused an injury to you or your loved one, you have the right to seek proper compensation. Since 1955, the dedicated personal injury attorneys at the law firm of Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC have been helping injured individuals throughout Middlesex County obtain the compensation they deserve.

Experience in a Wide Range of Areas

Negligence knows no restrictions. Fortunately, our attorneys have experience handling numerous personal injury cases. Car accidents are perhaps the most common causes of personal injury. This is especially true if you’ve been involved in a side-impact collision, as they are known to cause drastic damage to both vehicles and their drivers.  Another common cause of injuries is a slip and fall accident. Property owners are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that their property is consistently kept safe. Failure to do so can result in icy walkways, broken pavement, and other dangerous conditions that lead to serious accidents and injuries, such as back, disc, neck, and head issues.

Some types of personal injury lawsuits we handle:

The personal injury attorneys at Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC will aggressively represent you in all personal injury cases to ensure you are awarded the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Legal Claims In Middlesex County

Before you seek damages for your accident’s injuries in Middlesex County, you must first file a claim with your lawyer. Before you speak with an attorney, it is absolutely vital to gather evidence that can prove that negligence on the part of a driver, property owner, dog owner, or other individual is to blame for your injuries. This includes writing down the exact details of the events that led to your injury, getting the names and contact information of any witnesses, and collecting your medical records. You should also notify the negligent party that you plan on filing a lawsuit against them. There is no set time limit for you to do this. However, in order to receive compensation, you must file your claim in the time period designated by the statute of limitations, which is two years in New Jersey.

If you take all of these steps following your injury, you will have a sound legal claim for your personal injury case. The attorneys at Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC will carefully review the evidence you gather to guarantee you have a claim upon which they will build a solid case.

Middlesex County Accidents

Accidents and injuries occur every day for a variety of reasons. Whether you or a loved one has broken a bone, sustained a serious laceration, or endured an injury even more severe due to someone else’s negligence in a car accident, hiring a compassionate, dedicated attorney helps you move forward.

Since 1955, the Middlesex County personal injury lawyers at Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC have been seeking justice on behalf of injury victims throughout Middlesex County, NJ. Their team approach ensures you receive high-quality legal representation during every part of your case.

Holding Negligent Parties Responsible

There are many times when injuries are the result of unavoidable accidents. However, a majority of injuries are sustained when people fail to take the proper steps to prevent them from occurring. This includes property owners failing to fix a broken step, manufacturers overlooking major design flaws, and drivers neglecting to focus on the road. If negligence played a significant role in an injury sustained by you or a loved one, you have the right to seek damages. Our Middlesex County personal injury lawyers can help you obtain compensation for medical bills, physical rehabilitation, prescription expenses, lost income, and more. Most importantly, we help get you through the emotional pain, stress, and frustration associated with serious injuries.

Common Injuries From Accidents in Middlesex County

As experienced personal injury lawyers, we help individuals in a wide variety of areas. Accidents happen out of nowhere, and you may find your life unexpectedly turned upside down as a result. If you or your loved one has been in an accident, we help you heal from injuries such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head, neck, and shoulder injuries
  • Cuts, burns, and lacerations

The road to recovery is never easy, but our attorneys guide you throughout the entire process.

Back And Disc Injuries From Accidents

There are numerous injuries that result from accidents, none of which should be taken lightly. But perhaps one of the most troubling is an injury to your spinal discs. Suffering an injury to your spinal cord often result in paralysis or other permanent difficulties in your life. There are numerous accidents that can lead to severe back injury such as car accidents.

If you suffer a slip and fall injury on an icy road or unkempt piece of property, you’re likely to land hard on your back, which gives you a great risk of injury. The attorneys at Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC understand the severity of back and disc injuries. Their dedication and tenacity help you obtain the compensation you need to pay for surgeries, pain management, medical devices, and all related treatments.

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