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Federal and state laws strictly regulate prescription drugs.  An individual cannot obtain or use medication unless the prescription has been specifically given to that individual from his or her doctor. A licensed pharmacist must fill that prescription and the bottle label must clearly indicate the name of the patient for which the prescription was prescribed, how to take the prescription and if any refills are permitted.

Drug charges are serious crimes that can haunt you for the rest of your life. If have been charged with any kind of drug crime, it is imperative to consult with legal counsel. From their offices in Somerset County and other areas across the state, the Somerset County criminal defense lawyers at Aiello, Harris, Abate Law Firm has been helping NJ residents fight prescription drug charges for decades. Prescription drug charges should not be taken lightly and require an experienced attorney who can develop a tough defense strategy.

Experienced attorneys defend you against harsh criminal allegations

There are numerous charges pertaining to prescription drugs that an individual can face in Somerset County

  • Theft of prescription drug pads – A person who is charged with stealing a prescription drug pad is most likely charged with other crimes, such as prescription fraud and forgery. When these charges are filed together, they are Third Degree crimes that can result in more than $100,000 in fines and as long as 5 years in jail.
  • Prescription drug possession – A person who knows they possess a prescription drug in five or more doses without a valid prescription can face Fourth Degree charges. A disorderly persons’ charge is filed if the individual has the prescription drug in an amount less than four doses.
  • Illegal prescription drug use – Per laws, an individual may only possess and use prescription drugs with a valid prescription from a licensed physician, dentist, pharmacist or veterinarian. If an individual is under the influence of prescription medication for which he or she does not have a prescription, he or she can face charges of illegal prescription drug use.
  • Prescription drug forgery – If an individual makes or executes writing and claims it to be the act of a medical professional who did not authorize the act with the intent to injure or defraud anyone, he or she may be charged with a Third Degree crime of prescription forgery. The individual who has been accused of the crime may have stolen the prescription pads then illegally filled the prescription to obtain the drugs without authorization or a license. The individual may have changed an existing prescription in an attempt to get a larger dosage or stronger strength of the prescription.
  • Prescription drug fraud – If an individual has been charged with obtaining prescription drugs by fraud or misrepresentation, forgery, fraud or deception he or she can be charged with a Third Degree crime and fined as much as $50,000.
  • Prescription drug possession and distribution – If an individual is accused of distributing a prescription drug without a license to prescribe such medications can be charged with prescription drug possession and distribution. If the individual distributes or possesses four or less doses, he or she can face a disorderly persons’ charge or a Fourth Degree crime. If the individual is charged with a crime involving five or more doses he or she can be charged with a Third Degree crime and face up to $100,000 in fines. If he or she has 100 or more doses, the charge is a Second Degree crime and the fine can be as high as $300,000.

Prescription Drug Drop Off Boxes in Somerset County

If you are in possession of unused prescription drugs, you can dispose of the excess medication in one of three Rx drug drop-off boxes in Somerset County – no questions asked. The boxes are located in Somerville, Hillsborough, and Basking Ridge. For more information, visit the Watchung Municipal Government’s website.

Can I effectively fight prescription drug charges?

If you are charged with any kind of prescription drug crimes in New Jersey, you need to consult with an experienced prescription drug lawyer as quickly as possible. The criminal law team at Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC has helped numerous of clients who have faced prescription drug charges throughout the years.

We can come up with a tough defense strategy that will help you fight the charges. Oftentimes, an effective defense can reduce the charges or have them completely thrown out. Protect your rights and us at (908) 561-5577  or contact our Watchung prescription drug crime lawyers online to speak to a friendly, helpful member of our firm.

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