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With ten office locations, more than sixteen attorneys, and a robust support staff at our law firm Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC has the resources to handle even the most complex legal cases. We take on cases in almost every practice areas, from personal injury to workers’ compensation to criminal defense. We also help clients with their tax law issues, immigration cases, and family law concerns.

Despite our large resources, we still maintain a small firm feel. Our attorneys are responsive, caring, and considerate. We answer all your questions and address your concerns. Dealing with any legal matter is stressful—let us lessen the burden on you.

Practice Areas & Legal Services

Winning some of the highest awards and negotiated settlements in New Jersey, our Warren lawyers have a large number of practice areas:

Personal Injury Attorney in Warren

Personal Injury. Responsibility for an injury is not always on the one who was injured. If you’re living with pain or the repercussions of a major injury, contact our attorneys today in Warren, NJ to learn what options exist for you.

  • Auto Accidents. An auto accident means dealing with both your insurance and another driver’s insurance. With that many parties involved, it can be easy to lose track of things. Get representation with our team today.
  • Premises Liability. Negligence can lead to injury, and you shouldn’t have to pay the price for someone else’s mistake. If you’ve been injured on someone’s property, call us today.
  • Workers’ Compensation. Getting Workers’ Comp can mean having to negotiate with corporate powers or even union powers. Make sure you go in with the right representation. Talk to one of our Warren attorneys.

Warren Criminal Justice Attorney

Criminal Defense. It is our goal to see charges dropped or severely lowered, and we’ve done it before! We can make sure your defense is rock-solid.

  • Traffic. It only takes one violation to push you past the limit and have the state begin banning your license. They may not have the right! Make sure you don’t lose your freedom to drive.
  • Expungement. Criminal records can be a burden both mentally and emotionally. Don’t let an old record get in the way of your life anymore. Expungement may be a viable option. Get an expungement lawyer today.
  • DWI/DUI. A DWI/DUI lawyer needs to be firm and perseverant. Our lawyers are just that.
  • Drug Crimes. Our Warren lawyers have helped lead clients to favorable verdicts and cleared charges alike. We know drug law inside and out.

Employment Law Attorney Warren

Employment Law. Employment law is always difficult because of the number of parties involved. Our agents know your needs and can help you understand what to do next.

  • Harassment. We know how stressful harassment could be and our attorneys believe in putting a stop to it. With our experience, we have the tools to represent you right away.
  • Divorce. High-asset divorce can get messy fast. With our Warren attorneys, we can keep it as clean, professional, and civil as possible while still securing what you need.
  • Family Law. Child support and custody can be incredibly sensitive topics. If you want to successfully navigate family law, you’ll need an experienced Warren lawyer.
  • Tax Law. Don’t feel intimidated by the IRS. They make mistakes just like any other organization. If you think the IRS has made a mistake that is costing you money, we can help you save it.
  • Immigration. Legal issues tied to immigration can leave you and your family in a place of fear. We’re committed to ensuring just treatment of all under the law. Contact us today.

Warren at a glance

With 16,000 citizens as of last year, Warren, New Jersey of Somerset County is a town steeped in local history. Settled long before the United States even existed as a country, Warren represents a rare town in the area: a town that has maintained a small population despite existing for over 200 years. The Warren Municipal Court is located at 44 Mountain Blvd in town, and the police office occupies the same building. Just 10 minutes away is one of Warren’s most notable medical facilities, the Children’s Specialized Hospital. To reach the police office non-emergency line, call 1-908-753-1000.


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Trust Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC with your important case. We treat each client as an individual, not a case number. You deserve top-notch service and superior results. Please call us at (908) 561-5577 or contact us online. We have weekend appointments available, and our legal team sees patients away from the office if they are immobile. You can also stop by our office in Watchung, which is conveniently located only a short distance away.