New Jersey Speeding Ticket Lawyers

Driving While Your License Is Revoked

Driving on the revoked list in New Jersey is a serious charge, and depending on the reasons for the revocation will determine the severity of the consequences.  For example, a driver’s license revocation as a result of an unpaid parking ticket is not nearly as serious as a driver’s license revocation as a result of a drunk driving or driving without an insurance charge.   If you depend on your driver’s license to get to work or school, only an experienced Revoked License attorney will be able to help.

Since most people rely so heavily on their driver’s license to support their livelihood, being a defendant in municipal court can be a nerve racking one,

Especially when faced with the prospect of losing your license for an additional period of time and/or even jail time.  Additionally, if you were pulled over when no one else in the vehicle possesses a valid driver’s license, your vehicle will most likely be towed and you will wind up having to call a friend or colleague to pick you up.  Unfortunately, the financial consequences of receiving a ticket of this nature will be felt immediately since there will be a towing fee and/or possible storage fee to retrieve your vehicle from the police impound yard.

Often times, when you receive a ticket for driving on the revoked list, you may not even be aware your license was revoked at the time your vehicle was stopped by law enforcement.  In these instances, a letter from the motor vehicle commission may have gotten lost in the mail or simply didn’t make it into your hands in time to be aware that your license was revoked.  By the time a driver is stopped by law enforcement, the damage is already done and they will be receiving a ticket for driving on the revoked list.

If you or someone you know was recently charged with driving on the revoked list in New Jersey, they need to speak with an experienced driving on the revoked list attorney who is familiar with the court procedures in New Jersey’s municipal courts.

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