Traffic Ticket Plea Agreement

James R. Pastor, Esq. appeared in the Warren Township Municipal Court, 46 Mountain Blvd., Warren, NJ before the Honorable Mark S. Adler, JMC and Steven D. Rothblatt, prosecutor.

Client charged with multiple traffic offenses: NJSA 39:4-50 (DWI); NJSA 39:4-96 (Reckless Driving); NJSA 39:4-97 (Careless Driving); NJSA 39:4-98 (Speeding); NJSA 39:4-82 (Failure to Keep Right); NJSA 39:8-1 (Failure to Inspect);

Successfully negotiated a plea bargain on behalf of the client.  Pleaded guilty to DWI under NJSA 39:4-50 under the lower tier with a 3 month suspension of driving privileges.  All other charges against the defendant were dismissed.  Total of 12 points saved under plea agreement.

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