Safe Driving Tips for New Jersey Drivers

When you are driving, one moment’s lapse in judgment can cause a car to crash, a truck to spill, or a motorcycle to fall. Even a low-speed crash can cause catastrophic injuries or death. While many accidents are the result of other people’s reckless actions, you can control your behavior behind the wheel. Take into account our safe driving tips to help protect you and your family on the road.

Suggestions for driving safe

Drivers cannot control what other drivers do but they can take steps to reduce risks. Some of the primary steps New Jersey drivers should take are:

  • Don’t drive while distracted. Driver distractions include texting while driving, using your cell phone, looking at a GPS system, eating or drinking while driving, playing with the radio, and grooming yourself. Distracted means that both hands are not on the wheel, you’re not focused on the road in front of you, and you’re not ready to react if an emergency occurs. Cars going 60 mph are going 88 feet per second. A lot of tragedy can occur in 88 feet.
  • Don’t drive while intoxicated. Drunk driving is a well-known cause of fatal accidents. If you feel the need to have a beer or a glass of wine, arrange to take alternate transportation or to have a designated driver.
  • Use a seatbelt. Seat belts help keep you in position if a car accident happens. Many people get seriously hurt when they bounce into other passengers or are forced into the windshield, dashboards, or the sides of the car.
  • Drive for road and weather conditions. Just because the law allows you to go 65 mph on a road does not mean you must go that speed. If traffic is backed up, the roads are bad, it’s raining, or there are other present dangers slow down to a speed that is safe for the current traffic conditions.
  • Be ready for bad weather. Drivers should understand how to drive, how to stop, and when to get off the highway if it is raining, snowing, too sunny, foggy, or if the weather makes it difficult to see and navigate your car for any reason.
  • Don’t drive if you’re sleepy. Truck drivers are required to get off the road if they are tired. Car drivers and motorcycle drivers should get the rest they need, too. Driving while fatigued slows your reaction times and impairs your judgment. You may even fall asleep behind the wheel.
  • Drive defensively. It’s better to avoid the accident than to have to go to court if a crash causes harm. Don’t tailgate. Be extra-aware of cars whenever you change lanes or merge. Let speeding cars pass you. Be aware of escape possibilities such as shifting lanes or pulling off to the shoulder of the road.

You should also prepare your car before the trip. Make sure it has plenty of gas, the oil is being regularly changed, the tires are at the right pressure, and that you follow the manufacturer’s inspection and repair recommendations. Work with a reliable mechanic. If possible, it’s best to avoid roads that have a lot of potholes and roads where construction is taking place.

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