New Jersey Expired Visa Lawyers

It is important to speak with an attorney if your visa is expired or is about to expire. While many immigrants used to be able to get by without many issues in the past, the federal government has passed new regulations and instituted new procedures to monitor expired visas. Do not risk facing the severe consequences of an expired visa. Instead, talk to an experienced immigration attorney at Aiello, Harris, Abate.

When Your Immigration Visas Expire

Many people choose to not update their expired visas because the process is complicated. Whether you need to update your student visa or work visa, our experienced New Jersey immigration attorneys will be by your side every step of the way. We have been representing clients throughout New Jersey since 1955, and we know how to solve your expired visa issues.

Do not wait until you are contacted about the expiration date of your visa. Being proactive and updating your visa now can prevent you from facing deportation and other serious consequences.

Visa Revalidation

If you wish to revalidate your visa prior to it expiring, our New Jersey lawyers can help. We know the requirements for revalidation, and we can quickly and effectively guide you through the entire process. Visa revalidation can be especially important if you wish to travel outside of the U.S., since your visa may expire prior to your return. There are many other benefits to revalidating your visa. At our immigration law firm, our attorneys will explain them all to you.

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