How Do Our Attorneys Collect Evidence of Improperly Maintained Charter Buses?

As common carriers, charter bus companies are legally obligated to employ necessary safety precautions to protect passengers. What happens when your charter bus fails to keep you and the other passengers free from harm? What happens when your bus is not serviced properly and causes an accident? Our NJ bus accidents lawyer assist bus crash victims with filing lawsuits against negligent bus operators to compensate them for medical costs, lost work, and pain and suffering. A common carrier must exercise a high degree of care to protect its passengers from dangers that are known or are reasonably foreseeable. This includes properly maintaining all vehicles in their fleet. Carriers must use the utmost caution to protect their passengers, the kind of caution that is characteristic of a very careful and prudent person.

Types Of  Poor Maintenance Evidence

When investigating poor maintenance in a bus accident case, this is how our attorneys collect evidence:

  • Reviewing servicing and maintenance records – Our lawyers sift through the charter’s service records to see how often service was performed and what problems had been identified prior to the crash.
  • Cross-referencing with service manuals – We look to see if the amount of service performed on the bus matched the recommended serving instructions provided by the bus manufacturer.
  • Examining the bus itself – Our attorneys look at the vehicle, and use expert mechanics to determine if mechanical or electrical problems contributed to the accident.
  • Interviewing witnesses – We collect statements from the driver, passenger, service engineers, bus company employees, and anyone else involved in the crash. We depose those with knowledge of the crash and the events leading up to the accident.

Proper service includes maintaining all aspects of the vehicle and its parts. Our personal injury lawyers see if the bus in question:

  • Had each scheduled maintenance tasks performed on it according to mileage
  • Had regular oil changes
  • Was too old or too unsafe to be on the road
  • Met all industry standard safety requirements, as well as state and federal standards

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