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Victims of injuries resulting from the carelessness or negligence of others are entitled to financial compensation. Securing the appropriate compensation award is rarely as straightforward as most victims would hope. Successfully filing with insurance companies, negotiating unjust settlement offers and navigating the civil courts of Essex County requires experienced personal injury lawyers with a comprehensive understanding of the unique legal structure of New Jersey.

If you’ve suffered an injury such as a car accident, dog bite, trampoline accidents or slip and fall accident, that could have been prevented and are living with the hardships of resulting loss of wages and emotional distress, the personal injury attorneys at Aiello, Harris, Abate Law Firm are dedicated to advocating on your behalf. Our team of respected attorneys evaluates your case, assess your injuries, file an insurance claim and fight to ensure your final awarded sum matches the severity of your injuries. Your physical and emotional well-being is our top priority and our legal team won’t rest until a fair settlement has been reached.

Filing A Personal Injury Claim in Newark

All personal injury claims are to be filed with the responsible party’s insurance company. Once a claim has been filed, a settlement is proposed. Insurance companies are notorious for requiring extensive and complicated paperwork and offering only nominal financial settlements. Far too many personal injury victims settle for less than they deserve out of a misunderstanding of their rights and a lack of legal expertise.

If you’ve filed a claim and are unsatisfied with the sum you’ve been offered, a Newark personal injury lawyer will review your case and appeal to your insurance company in an attempt to secure a more just compensation package. If none is offered, our legal team will go through the civil courts to file claims designed to secure the appropriate financial recompense.

Victims of personal injuries are strongly advised to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. With many of these personal injury claims, there is a strict timeline for filing. Missing deadlines can result in dismissal of the case and a lack of any financial compensation for the injured party.

Contact an Essex County personal injury lawyer as soon as the injury occurs. This gives our legal team the ability to preserve all needed evidence for trial. All involved parties will be interviewed, any footage will be gathered and a case will be prepared.

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