New Jersey Illegal Entry Lawyers

Have you or a loved one entered the United States illegally? An experienced immigration lawyer can assist you with all of the issues and concerns that entering the country without inspection (EWI) can create. At Aiello, Harris, Abate, our New Jersey immigration attorneys care deeply about our clients’ rights and are determined to protect them. Since 1955, we have been providing immigrants with aggressive and compassionate legal counsel.

Protecting Immigrant Rights

Entering the United States illegally can impact your rights to remain in the country as well as severely impact your ability to obtain a green card. If you or a loved one has questions related to his or her immigration status or how to become a resident of the United States, our immigration lawyers are here to help. Many people believe if they become married while in the United States, they are free to stay. This is untrue. There are many complex steps that one must go through to become a full citizen of the United States. You can rely on our law firm to advocate for you and show you all of the steps required to achieve your goals.

Fighting Criminal Charges Associated With Illegal Entry

Entering the country illegally can result in being charged criminally. Our law firm vigorously defends the rights of immigrants charged with any type of crime. It is critical to seek guidance from a knowledgeable attorney with a track record of success in this area because your freedom is at stake. At Aiello Harris Abate, we have been successfully defending immigrants for decades and know how to protect you as well.