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There are many different types of crimes someone can be charged with committing. Crimes can range from the least serious, where jail time is not likely, to crimes where a conviction can mean years, decades, or even a lifetime in prison. Often defendants are charged with multiple crimes. They may be charged with burglary, robbery, and assault. Or they may be charged with DWI, speeding, and resisting arrest.

Strategic defenses for all types of defendants and all types of criminal charges

At Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC, our criminal lawyers handle a broad spectrum of cases, from the most to the least serious. We represent juveniles and adults. We are experienced litigators who have tried cases in county, state, and federal courts. We have been fighting for the rights of the accused since 1955. In addition to our trial success, our lawyers are dedicated servants of the community who lecture and give seminars, often to other lawyers and experts, about criminal defense issues.

Typical crimes that are prosecuted in Union County

Our Union County criminal attorneys represent a broad cross section of criminal cases. Whether you were charged of committing a crime in Cranford, Rahway, Elizabeth, Westfield, or any other municipality in Union County, our lawyers are ready and able to provide you with the best possible defense.

We handle white-collar crimes, crimes of violence, crimes involving a weapon, sexual assault and Megan’s law crimes, theft, and other indictable offenses. Our lawyers also represent defendants accused of shoplifting, simple assault, building code violations, and nonviolent crimes. We represent those charged with probation or parole violations as well.

Some of the more common crimes we aggressively fight in Union County include:

  • Speeding tickets. Going even one mile per hour over the speed limit can cause a police officer to cite you for this traffic offense.
  • Possession of controlled substances. We handle all types of possession cases, including possession of prescription drugs, narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, and drug paraphernalia.
  • Driving while intoxicated. Our Union County defense lawyers challenge the basis for the police stop and the validity of sobriety, breath, blood, and urine tests.
  • Burglary. We handle first, second, and third degree burglaries, as well as attempted burglaries.

Our lawyers are experienced trial attorneys who have prosecuted cases in addition to defending clients. Individuals hire our lawyers and other attorneys refer cases to us because of our track record of success. We have been able to have charges dismissed in many cases, often before the trial even starts. Our lawyers have a noteworthy rate of not-guilty verdicts. We also have managed to have charges reduced or plea bargains arranged for a good number of Union County residents.

For example, partner Christopher G. Aiello successfully handled the following cases:

  • He filed a motion to suppress evidence of a handgun and drug possession because of an illegal search and seizure. All criminal charges, which would have resulted in a state prison sentence, were dismissed.
  • Proved a defendant who was charged with a third DUI—which could have resulted in 180 days in jail and a 10-year license suspension—did not have the requisite intent (needed to obtain a conviction) to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Had a young man entered in to pre-trial intervention even though the prosecutor opposed the decision and filed several appeals.

Each of our criminal defense lawyers is respected for their ability to try a case and for their track record of success.

We work with expert witnesses and, in many cases, we work with professional investigators. In cases involving chemical tests, for example, we work with scientists and engineers who can detail why a breath or blood test was not reliable because of deficiencies in the machine or the way the testing device is used.

What is extradition and how can it affect criminal charges if a defendant is charged in two different states?

Most people think of the term “extradition” as something that involves various countries. Extradition also involves the control of criminal cases between different states, such as New Jersey and New York.

Extradition is a law enforcement process, which involves determining which locations should have physical custody of the defendant for purposes of prosecuting and punishing him/her. Law enforcement includes the prosecuting attorney, the parole department, and the probation department. Extradition generally takes two forms at the state level. New Jersey may request that an out of state defendant be brought into New Jersey. Another state may request that New Jersey transfer the defendant to the state that seeks the defendant. Our Union County criminal lawyers represent individuals who are contesting either form of extradition.

Generally, New Jersey and other states handle extradition matters using a Uniform Extradition Law. Cases and charges are normally tried in the state where the criminal conduct took place. For example, if you are charged with driving while intoxicated on a Union County road, then New Jersey should hear your case.

Extradition cases are quite complicated. Some of the factors to review are:

  • Is the charge a misdemeanor or a felony?
  • When and where does the defendant have to appear?
  • Can a local lawyer handle the case without the defendant being present?
  • Is double jeopardy a concern?

Our experienced Union County extradition lawyers understand the complex legal and practical issues in this area of the law.

Here is a list of Union County municipal courts, which we can represent you in.

  • Berkeley Heights Municipal Court
  • Clark Municipal Court
  • Cranford Municipal Court
  • Elizabeth Municipal Court
  • Fanwood Municipal Court
  • Garwood Municipal Court
  • Hillside Municipal Court
  • Kenilworth Municipal Court
  • Linden Municipal Court
  • Mountainside Municipal Court
  • New Providence Municipal Court
  • Plainfield Municipal Court
  • Rahway Municipal Court
  • Roselle Municipal Court
  • Roselle Park Municipal Court
  • Scotch Plains Municipal Court
  • Springfield Municipal Court
  • Summit Municipal Court
  • Union Twp. Municipal Court
  • Westfield Municipal Court
  • Winfield Municipal Court

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