Morris County Criminal  Lawyer Providing Aggressive Counsel for Morris County Defendants

Each defendant is different. Each case is different. Each set of charges is different. Being charged with any crime is a frightening experience. Each stage of a case is scary because the accused doesn’t know what is happening, what the options are, what else the prosecution might do, and what the end result will be. There are logical fears that defendants will lose their freedom, have to pay huge fines and penalties, and will likely suffer other serious consequences.

Navigating defendants through the adversities of a New Jersey criminal indictment or charge

The criminal lawyers at Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC help put your mind at ease. We are experienced trial lawyers who have successfully tried many cases before juries. In many trials, we have obtained dismissals of the charges and had crucial evidence dismissed. We have been honored throughout the state for our abilities because of our attention to detail, our ability to communicate, educate and advocate, and our accessibility. Many of our attorneys were former prosecutors, so we have a unique understanding of the New Jersey criminal justice system.

Our Morris County criminal defense practices

We represent clients who have been charged with 1st through 4th degree indictable offenses, municipal crimes, and violations of local ordinances.

Some of the case types our Morris County criminal attorneys handle include:

  • Speeding tickets and motor vehicle operating tickets. Conviction of speeding can result in huge fines, loss of license, large premiums, and surcharges, which can cost a fortune.
  • Possession of controlled substances. Actual or constructive possession of drugs such as heroin, marijuana, Percocet, Vicodin, or many other controlled substances–without having a prescription—are normally 3rd and 4th degree indictable offenses.
  • DUI & DUID. Drivers whose blood alcohol contest is measured at .08 will be found guilty of driving while intoxicated unless they have a valid defense or the evidence of the test can be dismissed because it’s unreliable.
  • Burglary. Breaking into a structure with the intent (even if not performed) to commit a crime is a felony.

Our lawyers work with you to aggressively find and assert all appropriate defenses for the particular criminal charges you are facing.

Our firm represents each client individually—clients are not a number

We identify with each client and craft a defense solution that is the best and most aggressive representation for that client.

When one of our Morris County defense lawyers represents a defendant, that person can rest assured that:

  • We will do what is best for your interests.
  • We understand the trauma you and your loved ones are going through. A conviction can mean a child loses a parent, a parent loses a child, a spouse loses their partner, and siblings lose their brother or sister – if you are convicted and must spend days, months, or years in jail.
  • We listen. We pay attention to what you are saying because understanding what happened and what concerns you have opens doors to possible defense arguments.
  • We know that a conviction can mean the loss of a job.
  • We never handle cases where there is a conflict of interest without informed consent
  • We aggressively challenge every aspect of the stated case.
  • We seek to obtain dismissals before trial when possible.
  • We consider your personal situation, including what led to your difficulties. For example, if you have a drug dependency but are not violent, we may recommend a drug court where you can be treated instead of being confined to a jail

Our defenses are designed to get the best possible results. Defense in criminal cases does require a strategy. We work to understand the prosecution’s case against you, so we know what challenges will work best.

Honest advice for each defendant

We don’t tell defendants what they want to hear. We tell them what they need to hear. In many cases, the prosecution will have a police officer testify against you. The victims of the crime will also present their versions of what happened and how they were affected. There are often lab tests for chemical analysis.

It is only through honestly assessing the strengths of the prosecution’s case and the weaknesses in yours, that we can know which motions to file and how to argue a case before a jury. In plea bargains, it is essential that you know what will likely happen if the case doesn’t settle. We can’t guarantee results, but we do inform you of the essential facts.

Make the call to a respected Morris County criminal defense lawyer today

Delay can hurt your case. The sooner our Morris County defense attorneys are contacted, the quicker we can help you get out on bail, contest the prosecution’s case, prepare your defenses, negotiate plea agreements, and be fully ready for trial. To talk with one our accessible lawyers at Aiello, Harris, Abate, Law Group PC, please call (908) 561-5577 or fill out our contact form.