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Speeding tickets can cost a fortune. The penalties for speeding ticket convictions are more than just the face amount of the fine. Speeding means points on your driving record. If you get too many points, your driver’s license could be suspended. If your license is suspended, you may lose your job. Your insurance carrier will also learn of your points and conviction. They will likely raise your premiums for at least three years. You may also face surcharges if you accumulate too many points, which you will have to pay for several years. And these costs can only get worse if you are charged with other traffic offenses.

The New Jersey point schedule can be seen here: http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/Violations/penalties_pointSchedule.htm

Our Middlesex County criminal defense lawyers use many strategies to get your charges dismissed or reduced. We have been helping drivers fight traffic tickets for 60 years. At Aiello, Harris, Abate, we understand that the prosecution has the burden of proving their case. Our lawyers hold the police and prosecution to this high standard. We also combine our ability to be aggressive with an ability to tactfully negotiate reasonable settlements that can reduce the severity of your speeding ticket.

When can an attorney contest a speeding ticket or ask for a dismissal of charges?

Just because a police officer says you were going 10 miles per hour, 20 mph, or any amount of miles over the speed limit, doesn’t mean that there aren’t defenses. Defendants have the right to challenge every aspect of the ticket. If there is a reasonable doubt that you were speeding, the traffic court judge should dismiss the case.

Some of the challenges our Middlesex traffic lawyers make to speeding tickets are:

  • The radar gun wasn’t properly calibrated within proper time limits. Tests from radar guns that haven’t met routine standards should be invalid.
  • The officer did not use the radar gun properly. The officer should be properly trained. If he was driving while he/she clocked you that may affect the results.
  • There were other cars traveling near you. The speed of other vehicles may affect the accuracy of the test.
  • Weather conditions may have affected the results. Rain and wind or cold and snow can affect the test results.
  • You have a good reason for driving fast. Some valid reasons include a defective car part or a medical emergency. You may have justifiably sped to get out of the way of an oncoming car.

There are many other technical defenses to challenge speed guns that we also explore. Nearby buildings can also distort the reading.

We may also cross-examine the police officer. If we can show that the officer didn’t clock you for a sufficient amount of time, or was distracted, we can cast doubt on the officer’s claim.

If the police have an airtight case, our lawyers still try to persuade the officer to reduce the speeding ticket to a less serious amount. For example, a reduction from 15mph to 14mph means fewer points on your driver’s record, lower fines, and most likely, lower premiums.

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At Aiello Harris Abate, Law Group PC, our New Jersey traffic attorneys are experienced litigators. We work with professionals who understand the science behind radar guns and other devices used to measure speed. Our Middlesex speeding offense lawyers contest the accuracy of the device and the reliability of the officer’s measurements. To speak with a skilled Middlesex County speed ticket attorney, please contact our traffic lawyers in Woodbridge attorneys or phone us at (908) 561-5577 to or use our contact form to schedule a free consultation.