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Slip and fall accidents are part of the law in New Jersey known as premises liability. What is premises liability? In short, under our law, the owners of property or premises have a duty to provide a safe place for those persons who come onto their property and may be liable if there is a dangerous condition that they either knew about or should have known about.

Potential Dangerous Conditions

Generally, the owners of a commercial piece of property are under a heightened duty to those persons who come onto their property for the business purpose of the owners. The owners have a duty to not only warn the persons coming onto the property of potentially dangerous conditions of which the owners are aware but to undertake actual inspections of the property to make sure that not dangerous conditions exist. So for instance, the owner of a restaurant should undertake regular inspections of the establishment to make sure that there is no spillage on the floor which could cause a patron to slip and fall.

The owners of a commercial establishment are not absolutely liable and each case will depend on such factors as how long that condition had that caused the slip and fall existed and whether or not the owner of the property had enough time to discover the dangerous condition and take acts to remedy the dangerous conditions. Because each slip and fall accident poses unique questions, it is best that you contact an attorney with experience handling slip and fall accidents in the Woodbridge NJ Municipality.

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