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Sebastian FIguero

THESE ARE THE PROFESSIONALS YOU WILL NEED ON YOUR SIDE! I was in an extremely sensitive situation that could have implications to my immigration statues where I was extremely worried and there seem to be no way out, BUT James Lankford crossed all his T doted ALL his i and made all charges drop within the first 3 minutes of my court date. He was amazing, and not just that its the fact that he cared enough to make sure he found all the possible avenues to make sure there was a way out for me. I can’t thank him and his law firm enough CARING. EXPERTS!!!!!

- Sebastian FIguero
Danial Ahmed

I was facing losing my license and possibly jail time. Mr. Chris Aiello got me out of a sticky situation. He was very kind and professional to me. He gave me a sigh of relief. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you so much.

- Danial Ahmed
Raza Ahmed

Mr. Aiello helped me tremendously with my case. Every charge was dismissed with the exception of one. It savede thousands of dollars as well as lengthy driving revocations. I was expecting the worse outcome to be 2 years and it was reduced to 3 months. I would strongly recommend him and his firm if you need any help.

- Raza Ahmed
David palonis

I would like to thank Mr. Aiello for the outstanding help he has given me and helped me throughout the entire process. I would recommend him to anybody searching for an amazing attorney!

- David palonis
Christopher leslie

Chris was without a doubt the most excellent laywer I’ve ever had the pleasure of representing me! I would recommend them to anyone!!

- Christopher leslie

In the last six months, I’ve had to use James Lankford’s legal services on three occasions. I was amazed at his competence, professionalism and personal attention. He went beyond the call of duty to resolve my my legal matters successfully. He was always available and gave me the support and confidence to guide me through this difficult period. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I am so grateful that attorneys like him still practice.

- DC