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Alec Sampson

My experience with this firm was extremely pleasurable and highly professional. I am very pleased with the outcome that was achieved through my legal representation. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs any type of legal assistance.

- Alec Sampson

I had ‘bad’ representation in a previous traffic case with some other office and when I got into a car accident I started looking for a new office. I noted the office of Aiello and Harris was highly ranked in a list I bumped on and I thought I ‘d give them a try and I was glad I did. I had James Lankford by my side in the court. James assessed the case, weighted the strategy and delivered the expected..
Thereafter I asked James to represent my son on another case and it was again “smooth sailing’. James takes personal interest in the case as if it was his own family on trial, and brings that human element out in the court processes. We all wish that we don’t have the need of representation but if needed it is good to know that this office is there and ready to help. Thank you James.

- SI

Can’t Say Thank you enough for Jim Lankford and all his assistance getting the case dropped and the best possible outcome for both me and my husband.

- Cheryl
Elvis H

Can not thank this team enough for what they handled for me, especially James Lankford for dismissing 2 life altering charges, being patient with my questions & answering them thoroughly, and keeping me informed about any changes or new information involving my case all while displaying exemplary professionalism.

- Elvis H
Rory Regan

I was represented by Jim Lankford expecting to lose my license. He was incredibly patient with me and was helpful with every question I asked him. After almost a year of delays by the PD and court Mr. Lankford worked with the prosecutor to make sure I kept my license when I was totally beyond hope that was even a possibility. I am beyond happy with the results I got from this firm and the way I was treated and would recommend you guys to anyone!

- Rory Regan
Jason Espinosa

Lawyer Chris did an outstanding job in Woodbridge court today, he managed to get all my charges dropped. Very reliable and professional staff. Highly recommended !

- Jason Espinosa